Scarlett Notes Top 10 ‘Must Listen’ Weekly

1.) Belong/ Fyfe ft Kimbra This little naughty find was through the one and only Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’ when I was desp searching for a walk to work sorta playlist. You may recognise Kimbra’s beautifully velvet sound from ‘Somebody that I used to know’ which rocked our worlds back in 2011. Though this corker holds […]

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The ‘My first ever EP’ diary excerpt #3: the one where I thought about sharing and it is time to start thinking and recording and all that jazz …

  This post is exceptionally late and for that- I am exceptionally sorry! I have been in a bit of a lazy frame of mind the last couple of weeks (how criminal of me!) and I have really found it difficult to get ANYTHING done! But motivation is beginning to run through my musical veins […]

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Have you ever been in limbo?

 Before I begin… I am having a slightly tough day today and sometimes being able to place what feels like a v chaotic jumble sale of thoughts into a digital monologue can do wonders. More importantly, if you have or do feel anything similar to what I chit-chat about; then we can carry on the […]

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