Why do I find Notting Hill even more glorious to watch in my 20’s ?

‘I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.’  The first scene I vividly capture in my mind when the cult, British 90’s wonder is mentioned, is the iconic scene where the ever so hard to crack ‘Anna Scott’ (played by leading lady of every decade I’ve roamed the […]

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The ‘My first ever EP’ diary excerpt #3: the one where I thought about sharing and it is time to start thinking and recording and all that jazz …

  This post is exceptionally late and for that- I am exceptionally sorry! I have been in a bit of a lazy frame of mind the last couple of weeks (how criminal of me!) and I have really found it difficult to get ANYTHING done! But motivation is beginning to run through my musical veins […]

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Have you ever been in limbo?

 Before I begin… I am having a slightly tough day today and sometimes being able to place what feels like a v chaotic jumble sale of thoughts into a digital monologue can do wonders. More importantly, if you have or do feel anything similar to what I chit-chat about; then we can carry on the […]

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