Dice FM Girls Music day? A Female empowered celebration of all that us girls create for the industry…


Refreshing as a brand new playlist on a Spotify Sunday morning listening sesh…

All but a week and just a little bit ago I attended the DICE FM Girls Music day at the well and truly iconic RAK Studios and I simply fell in love with music, the industry and it’s overwhelming capabilities all over again.

Before I can swoon to you over just how fulfilling the event was to my musically hungry heart that currently, due to third-year stress, seems to have adopted a syncopated pulse with a time signature that could not even be described, I’ll lay down a descriptive background of the days who, why, where and when’s.

Why is DICE FM holding a music day? Let alone a gals one… 

DICE FM is essentially a musical portal. You need a new song? It’ll be on their app. You need to hitch up tickets for the last minute gig along the Camden strip of all ‘things bad for you’ goodness? Open up DICE FM’s app. There is so much more awaiting you on there. So first step I would sincerely suggest if you want to find out every innovative corner of DICE FM’s offerings, pop onto your app store and purchase. As I brush over typing the word purchase I hear an echo in my ear of you exclaiming ‘but how much?’. IT IS FREEEE! Yup, there is no excuses. DICE FM is sincere in all it has to offer. The best thing it has contributed towards our ever so rapid Music Industry is this; a fresh way to access the Music world for old or new, young or aged, strapped for cash or ‘loaded’, Boy or Girl. Every walk of life benefits from DICE FM’s presence within the music sphere. If you want to find out more about DICE FM, the link below will take you right there.


RAK Studios had my jaw drop further than ever before…

I have to be careful not to fan girl here. At first, you come into an ordinary, mildly edgy looking reception with incredibly lovely staff. It is not until you walk further into the musical mystery that your loins start to shake.

On my first left turn, I was greeted by several framed types of vinyl over my left shoulder. I thought ‘arty decor. LOVE IT!’. Yet, actually reading the print upon the discs realisation set itself heavily when Kodaline and Sam Smith where amongst so many artists that have recorded at the studios. Suddenly what felt like an already cool venue became a BA Popular Music student and singer-songwriters (me if you hadn’t guessed) shrine.

I took wide legged strides down the corridor to keep up with the group I had latched myself onto in a bid to keep up but the archive that lay on the wall was too much to process. And THIS is only a 5-second blink into what has happened within the far more than four walls of Rak studios. One thing I can ascertain is that as soon as I had made myself acquainted with its warm atmos, my love (that has been thin recently due to the odd circumstance here and there) for everything music became an excited and bright flame, flickering on a divine smelling Yankee candle. I am so so grateful I spent my 11-4pm day there. As I said multiple times over and over as a little one, Wow!

If my short blurb of the studio is not enough… this should be. Pop your mouse over this link and you’ll go straight to their site. RAK can take it from here.


The Jaffa in the cake…

Like anything delicious in life, you have to get through a little bit first. The sponge of a Jaffa Cake, the wrapper of a Kinder Egg or the loss of pounds for a figure like Emily Ratajkowski. So now I have pottered through the background deets, here is the exciting part.

The day from start to finito.

I hopped off the tube at St Johns Wood, reminiscing on my slightly wavier experience there last summer prior to the Lourdes match. For moral support of walking in, and to be greeted by a whole lot of loveliness when leaving I persuaded my Boyfriend to come into the City with me and whilst I was in a music whirlwind he would be taking the hottest day in April’s history in his stride and as us Brits love to say ‘meander’ around places such as Portobello Road Market.

We came to the corner of the road the studio lays elegantly on and I said goodbye with admittedly a little hesitation. However, as I faked a confident strut up to the big oaky doors there was a group of budding female music figures just like me waiting and feeling just the same. This is the first instant I felt the empowering comfort of the Music Day. Within the first ten minutes of meeting so many wonderful gals I had already learnt something new about the Industry and been inspired by someone else’s reason for being there.

The day propelled as soon as we had sat down and before I knew it I was in a mist of lyric and Logic Pro talk. This was exceedingly heavenly. Being able to ramble about the difficulties of compression to a humble female rather than the NOT ALWAYS but the often self-assured male that shakes their head at your lack of confidence in the technique was BLOODY REFRESHING.! I try not to be sexist but when the Music sector is in focus it is hard not to be sometimes- this, however, is a different blog entirely and one I will do as soon as I am brave enough to.

Nonetheless, although the GIRL POWER feels where simmering strongly throughout the inspiring, educational and thoroughly driven talks from industry role models from labels such as Method Music and artists Rae Morris and Rosie Lowe (amazing right?) – it was not feminist or anti-male in the slightest. The whole day was wholesome and solely focused on what mattered. The passion for Music and how to strive to feed it.

At lunch and once I had wolfed down my ham and cheese sandwich whilst nattering to some of the girls about where they are progressing with their Music it was time for the Job fair. And I became cripplingly nervous. I can’t actually explain why I was, to be frank. I knocked up my confidence and set on a quest to explore and question as many of the successful figures as possible. My only criticism of the job fair is that the layout of the incredibly awesome ‘rec room’ made it hard to communicate with others because of lack of seats and a sporadic layout where I was not sure what things were happening and where. In comparison to the stealthiness of the day itself, this was the smallest of all dots in the ocean but made it a little difficult for me to speak to as many of the girls and career music moguls there as possible.

Once the day came to a close my absolute beau was waiting with the coolest of jawlines to meet me. The satisfaction and enthusiasm gained from DICE FM’s Girls Music day teamed with the relief of setting off into the cooler late afternoon with my City exploring partner made for the best of moods. The best of them all. The better-looking half then was graced with an hour and a half (and a brief pit stop to Gail’s Bakery) of intensely descriptive tales from the day and even he could see the sparkle of eagerness bursting out of my already rather bulging eyes. Thanks, Dad for giving me eyeballs as big as the 02. That night I thought and thought and there was one very special thing I learnt from the day.

Work hard. Harder than the person before and after you. Embrace those around you. Be a self-starter and start from the ground up. Keep trying and persist until there are blood, sweat and tears. Lastly, remember how much you love Music. That’s why you’re doing this. That’s why it’ll become your every breath.

By Nick Illot

Thank you DICE FM. You gave me hope where I had lost it in making it in this crazy and hectic but beautiful Industry.

My verdict? If you haven’t attended before and this is your desired field then what are you waiting for? 2018 is around the corner and so is another Girls Music day!

Pops (or as my Mum sometimes blesses me with, Plops)


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