PWR BTTM: A sequin encrusted duo with talent and determination…

It was everything I wasn’t expecting and so God damn great!



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Who is PWR BTTM?

If you stop for a second and imagine your favourite outfit. For me, it would be a sequin A-line skirt teamed with a white cropped vest and a leather jacket teamed with my trusty, years old Vagabonds (obvs dependant on the occasion, why would I wear this for an interview? Although why wouldn’t I). Your thinking hmm? Well, you have the sequin skirt for dramatism. The leather jacket to make it rough around the edges. The white crop to keep it a bit minimal and the chunky vagabonds for sensibility teamed with a discreet scream of ‘I love Urban outfitters’ fashion sense. THIS OUTFIT IS PWR BTTM. The beautifully chaotic duo, like this metaphorical OOTD, have everything covered.

PWR BTTM is made up of Ben Hopkins and Live Bruce who bounce off eachother on stage like a firework meeting the night sky. They grouped together in 2013 after shifts and changes as any group go through. From this both have grafted and sped through the Music Industry with utter colour, integrity and pure excitement.  Aside from their completely head rock inducing tunes they make head way for the LGBT community. In fact this was an aspect I felt so warmed by at The Garage, Islington where I keenly watched them take the stage in their palms on the 18th April. Personally I feel it is the biggest of all shames that in this modern day we still have so far to come to accept that ALL love, frienship, companionship, marriage and parenting is the way the world should work. However, as everyone huddled into the venue there was either an Amber spotlight or just a warm haze of self acceptance, positivity and understanding that seeped through the crowd like Honey out of a jar. PWR BTTM use their music to simply make everything acceptable and highlight that this world is simply failing if it cannot recognise that homosexual, heterosexual, asexual, any sexual is a right of passage and more importantly normal.

What about their set I hear you say?

The first thing I achingly need you to do before you read any further is go onto YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY or ITUNES and download their album UGLY CHERRIES (2015). Trust me, you are treating youself BIG TIMEEE!

The set at The Garage was heavily filled with their singles from Ugly Cherries and I was delighted about this sitch. The best performed song was my personal favourite ‘Answer my text’. The lyrcis to this musical masterpiece bring out emotions I seethed from when I was a raging teen whilst making me smile at the wailing integrity it beholds to the listener. The chorus follows with a stand out line that exclaims ‘Answer my text you Dick!’. So so many times have we all thought just that. And PWR BTTM placed that anger driven feeling into a Punk/Indie hybrid that contains the dirtiest of all guitar riffs along with a drum beat that makes you want to rule the world. When watching them take their reign on the stage during this wonder I looked to my dearest Jake who I had ventured to the gig with and we took utter delight at screaming the rudest of all words whenever they popped up within the song. I LOVEEEED IT!

The other thingy-me-bob that tugged like a Ferry coming to shore at my musical heart strings was that both Hopkins and Bruce can play the drums, sing and rip the guitar. Througout the set they swapped from guitar/vocals to the drum kit and this kept us audience members on the tippiest of our toes. Flexibility rules at gigs.

It would take up the equivalent of a Emily Bronte novel if I carried on in such detail so this is where I pass the baton to your absolutley stunning selves. To gain a better picture of how awesome-awesome-awesome the gig was check out the following PWR BTTM bangers:

1.) C U around 

2.) I wanna boi

3.) Dairy Queen 

Lasting impression…

I have been left with a warm, eager feeling to see PWR BTTM in action again. And hoepfully soon. Admittedly it is defintley who you see a gig with as well and I went with a group of wonderful human beings which made it all the better. However, PWR BTTM left my ears pining for more. As a music obsessive/musician I cannot deny them of that desire.

A FAT OLD 9.5/10 from me. If you haven’t already become a PWR BTTM follower, please do as it’ll sparkle your day.

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Pops x

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