The ‘My first ever EP’ diary (#1): I always get so clammy when I have to show my originals…


These epic beings literally are music masterminds and their band is RAZ!!

If its ok with you, I’m going to diarise every momento of making my first ever EP which is being released many many months away in September (the 29th, mark the date). I’ve been gigging and writing for 6 years and through this time, I’ve never tinkled with the idea of making an EP. Silly really!!! Because I am going to be learning LOTS of new bits and bobs, and admittedly make many many glorious mistakes; thought I’d take you legends along with me.

So here it is, installment  # 1 of the ‘My first ever EP’ diary. Sit back, relax and grab ya coconut milk latte as you cuddle up to the new rose gold cushion from the Urban Outfitters sale (cause you’ve seen it on Pinterest and it looked delicious against quite a neutral colour mm). It’s about to get all things musoooooo…

First things first, I’m not grafting this solo: 

I have had ideas for the three originals on the EP (currently with no name, as said in the previous post O P E N to suggestions AKA please help) for months. Getting them down on paper and guitar was the same copious amount of relief as when you make it onto the tube with 0.5 seconds to spare before it traps the end of your bag between the doors and everyone furiously sighs because you’ve mistakenly added 5 seconds onto their v imperative journeys (so dramatic).

I have played them to Mum and Dad on several occasions, making minor adjustments each time such as taking out an ‘and’ out or adding a ‘breath’. I’ve enjoyed placing my adored musical influences into the writing; Paramore, The Cranberries, Wolf Alice, Joni Mitchell, pretty heavy from what I usually musically lean toward (I’ll be throwing together a whole other blog post on this so keep watch).  But, I don’t just hear my guitar and vocals when writing. It’s like a musical torture because I hear the drums, bass, another guitar part, strings, BONGOS if I’m feeling adventurous!!!! Yet, I can’t play all of these. Even if I could (and had 8 arms, would be v convenient) I wouldn’t because one of my most treasured loves for being a musician is creating and playing with other musicians! And so I am.

Raz are an incredible trio who make and perform music that will blow your socks off, all the way to lands end and back (all their handles will be below, don’t worry I’ve got ya). And I met RAZ through University. When playing with these soon to be industry icons- I feel all warm and fuzzy because it just works. It is the same feeling as when you slip on your fave pair of cords, and they don’t dig in. They just work.

I asked them all my eagerness if they could help me out for this EP. And to my utmost delight, they said YASSS! So this takes me back to saying about hearing more instruments than I can write for. I and Raz having had our first practice have already drafted two of the originals and managed to get them sounding f*cking AWESOME (if I don’t say so myself). When you come together as musicians on the original material it feels pretty god damn magical. Any worries that day crumble into non-existence and suddenly you feel like your on top of the gigantic sphere that we call the world.

To find out more about Raz come back to Scarlett Notes a couple of busy days from this v second, cause I’d have composed a fangirl review of their newest song. Love u RAZ.

Why now? And what is it gonna be about? 


I remind myself of a large sloth here x

Why this year? Because I, for some reason, have held back on throwing myself head first into the music industry. Not actually sure why. And because I want to create an EP that is honest, genuine, a bit homemade and bloody enjoyable to make. There really isn’t much more to it than that! I just want to make tunes.

If you’ve been following Scarlett Notes (if you haven’t, welcome my little cherub) you’ll know I have recently moved home and had a grey patch of time where I have felt not that dissimilar to a v wobbly weeble. During this funny old period, I felt some really sad, really angry, really happy and really confused emotions. As someone who tends to cry like a seal at the onset of any emotion, writing them into my music was a relieving and pretty sentimental way to get the feels out and to make sense of them. It has helped. And every time I sing them, it helps even more. I am sure if you are a musician and reading this; you’ll empathise. Or if singing in the shower is one of your self-help rituals… it’s a bit like that!

What now? 

So this has been a bit like a warm welcome to the start of the EP. To get ya up to date. We came together last week and just got straight into it- assisted by some insanely good coconut cookies.

I have a bit of a moment when I have to share my originals. It’s a bit like when you go for an injection and you know you’ve got to roll up the sleeve, for the big sharp needle but its all way worth it. I get clammy, and I start to commentate my own song as sweat begins to coat my upper lip. Raz know what I’m like so they have the patience of a god when I get like this haha. It is the unveiling of all my private thoughts essentially and that is where I get nervy. But then once I’ve done the run through and RAZ begin to dribble around with some awesome ideas, the nerves cease and the process begins.

And that’s where we are at atm. It really is just the start. And the number of hours that need to be put in are many many many. But the work in progress is really the most glorious part. Its raw, it’s new and its special.

Our next session is next week and I have a few things to sort and prep. The main thing I really need to figure is the name!!!! I’m just being v relaxed about it and hoping maybe, as I sit in the car at the slowest traffic lights in the world- that it’ll come to me then. But so far it really is a BLOCK. We shall see!!!


Thanks for keeping me company. I am sure you’ll be reading about some really interesting and cringe-worthy moments as this diary becomes thicker and thicker.

Any comments or follows (pls pls pls) are so so welcome.

Happy Tuesday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





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