In Side In Vain: hauntingly fantastic and a fusion like no other…


Photo by: Nick Ilot

I am sat in Gail’s Bakery on Portabello Road, alone and having devoured a panini. Although, I wouldn’t know this because I have lost myself in the powerful, emotive and rich sound of Jazz fusion band, Raz’s newest masterpiece; In Side In Vain.

‘98% instrumental, 2% vocal, Raz’s music is a blend of Jazz, Funk, Surf, Pop, Rock Fusion.’

The piece begins with a growing force. The deep and tender sound of the drums nods to the exchange with the throbbing and passionate presence of the bass. The guitar pulls the intro together with a mystical and curious feel that only reinforces the greatness that is to come within the 5-minute track.

Now, I am not an expert on jazz and particularly jazz fusions. But I know when I like what I hear. And ‘In Side In Vain’ has me gripped from the first bar.

In particular, at around 0:35 secs, the bass begins to ripple a line that reminds me of a  majestic wild cat strolling, searching for the next catch. By this point, I really am hostage to the song. To accompany, the guitar enforces a beautifully mesmerising line above the bass. Of course, the drums are holding the piece firm and only instilling the utter suspense the piece has you in.

‘They regularly perform in Colchester and Chelmsford in Essex at venues such as Asylum, Bassment, The Bull’s Soundhouse, Three Wise Monkeys, Queen St. Brewhouse, and Swinburne Hall. They have also recently played their first gig in London at The Bird’s Nest.’

As if entering a whole new musical sphere, at around 2 minutes and 5 seconds, the piece moves up many gears and really bursts with the disturbingly amazing melodic line that is being throbbed on the guitar. It is a line that will be etched into your mind all day. Now that is saying something. Then as if the song is taking time for a small rest, it simmers back down to a truly raw state. This only to be further driven at 3 minutes 28 seconds where again the song is vamped up. This time it feels euphoric and the way in which the piece has been produced only enhances on this musical brilliance.

You see, what I adore about Raz and their material is that in each piece neither musician and instrument outshines the other. It is always a super impacting sound of all three, giving this awe-inducing sound of a fusion you’d never think to hear.

I would carry on but really, that would be giving the song away. And it is NOT one to be missed.

So, the best decision now is for you to pop on the link below- head to Raz’s YOUTUBE channel and hear what it is all about.

You’ll thank me later. 

There is so much more to come from this forever musically intriguing trio, and speaking for myself- I can’t wait to see what is next.


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** Quotes were taken from Raz’s FB page.

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