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I always have dreamt of the day I’d be cuddled by the warm lights and silent but noisy hustle and bustle of London, and when I was living there I really made the most of every unique nook and cranny! Yes, it was short-lived, but I vow to myself most days I will DEFO be back. And this time, better equipped to know where to hit up and when. So without further ado, here are my TOP-THREE-FAVES…

1. Borough Market

  • First things first, getting to Borough Market is massively easy to find. No matter where you are, it is super simple to hop onto the Northern Line (the line I’ve come to know all too well, to the point where I know the rails will do that god-awful screech). The nearest stop is London Bridge which might I say is a lovely old station, however, has LOADS of entrances. I tend to stumble through the chaos and hope the exit I am pacing through is the right one. If not? Out come the bloody google maps, and even then the directions end up sending me the complete opposite direction to what I had hoped!! One you have waded through the crowds, just turn left and there will be some Diagon Alleyesque tunnels under a bridge that lead down to the market. In all fairness, if you love food and all it’s glory as much as me … you’ll sniff the market out!!! Now your there lets take a gander…


This has to be one of my most favourite stalls sat within the never-ending market. The beautiful and dreamy array of cupcakes, cakes and more are free from certain attributes such as gluten (3 cheers for gluten-free!). The first time I purchased a red velvet cupcake, the stall holders had the sunniest disposition and popped my eagerly awaited for red velvy in a cupcake box that resembled a little plastic bubble. Guess what? The very next day… I made the journey to go and get another. IT WAS THAT GOOD. Also, if you are looking for a little token or gift from the market for a loved one or bessie mate, this is a really good stall to consider! I did have to severely restrict myself from going back for the THIRD day. It was almost like red velvet cold turkey. Horrible stuff.

I fell in love at the first whiff of this magnificent establishment. My ever so fab flatmate came with me after much pestering to go and see what this little coffee miracle had to offer. I had seen it previously in a couple of VLOGS (these, in particular, are really good for finding unknown spaces in London) from The Michalaks and Samantha Maria.

Now, before I continue, I must explain that the coffee shop isn’t actually quite in the market but it is on the outskirts of it and 100 percent due to a visit. The limitless selection of coffee beans/roasts takes a moment to collect and the vintage edge the shop has holds you in exciting suspense because your just wondering how mind-blowing this silky smooth latte is going to taste.

To give this post a lil’ flow, let us move on to somewhere just down the river from the magical market loving.

2. South Bank


South bank is one of the best meeting points, cosy + central


Before I delve too deep into this one I just have to recall a time loved close one of mine and I were browsing around Southbank and were approached by two young budding filmers and asked a few questions about bits and bobs. Why I think of this is because a few seconds before we had strolled past them and jokingly pondered (perhaps eagerly) ‘Imagine if they asked us to be on telly hahahahaha’ then low and behold there we both were feeling like the stars of all actors answering these questions as if it were a groundbreaking documentary. God knows what channel that may have ended up on…

The skate park.

If you’ve been here before you’ll know that this is pretty awesome to watch. It is a colourful concrete infrastructure with the unconventionals of all unconventionals wheeling around doing tricks I could only dream of rocking out (observed a few nasty accidents and everyone discretely going ‘ooooh ahhh‘). Especially if you are a tourist who is visiting from beyond the British Isle… this little skate park is a slice of London’s Indie culture that I personally feel is one of the cities most immaculate and intriguing attributes.

Close second to this has to be the Tate Modern. Now I don’t particularly feel my loins shaking at an art gallery and when I am in one- I don’t have a f*cking clue of what it is all about but for some unknown reason, I am still able to appreciate it.

The Tate Modern stands alone entirely. I have never really been anywhere like it. It is bizarre and a bit confusing at first because there are so many levels and such a mixture of beings that you can’t measure who this art masterpiece is for. But that is because it is for everyone. With it’s out of this world collection of modern and contemporary art laced through each floor, you definitely need an afternoon. My highlight of one of London’s treasures are the GIANT swings adjacent to the Thames entrance. A little bit of a wait to try them but it is an experience that will hurt your abs (hidden or ripped lol mine are v hidden) from the laughter of how difficult it is to get the swing flow. Really frustratingly I cannot retrieve the snap I took of my favourite piece in the Tate Modern neither the name of it- but if I do I’ll make amendments to this post!!

3. Shoreditch


I will live in Shoreditch one day (pls)

I love you Shoreditch, with all my heart.

Shoreditch is a playground for the atypical lovers. It will be impossible to cover every incred attribute of the place but here are just a few.

  • Old Street Records.  This venue is a place I can throw both my hands up and say that I LOVE. Only recently I knocked out an open mic slot there at the fantastic common people open mic every Wednesday (make sure you get down there before 7 to get your name on the list, it is a busy one with an awesome caliber). It is a bar where you can be guaranteed to have an indie experience that will leave your night feeling blessed. The wall behind the bar is excessively padded with records and the lights hang low giving a misty feel. Love love love.


  • Bar Kick.  Mum and I found this little number by accident and it was oh so worth it.  A hint of somewhere else amongst the traffic-filled high street and the rush of busybodies rushing through the streets. The coffee here, like Monmouth, was just something else!! Rather than words for this little quirky gem, here are some snaps I have salvaged from the endless library that is my Icloud. Pls note how beautiful my MAMA is.






‘London, thou art the flower of cities all!’ – William Dunbar

And that is the curtain call on this London idolising post. I hope this helps if you are a newbie moving there, or an eager explorer roaming the ‘old smoke’ to see just what it really is about.

Thanks for reading, you guys really are legends


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