The ‘My first ever EP’ diaries #2: the one where I was 2 hours late and we ate Ferrero Rocher …


Put the phone on the piano and used the timer. I know, incred snap skills.

Traffic is a bugger, isn’t it? And it made me arrive to practice numero 2 for the EP TWO HOURS behind schedule. Needless to say, this threw me a bit for the rest of the session! We still made some incred musical movements though!! Perhaps I was a tad too much of a perfectionist this time… I came away feeling agitated with myself!

In terms of personal satisfaction, I would say I came away from this practice less like a victorious gladiator and more similar to a runner-up at the Olympics who had certainly expected to go for gold. I hadn’t practiced as much as the rehearsal warranted prior (factors that were valid contributed, but nonetheless, music has always gotta be given the time). I was late late late; if you are an experienced East Anglian, amongst many bizarre things you’ll know how horrendous the A12 is at rush hour. It is vehicle torture, right?

Anyway!!! NO EXCUSE. 

Turned up and Raz had been working their little socks off for two hours already. In order to calm my sweaty upper lip and severe breathy feels, I paused to listen to the song they were in mid-flow with when I entered the band room as if I had just run from something terrifying like a ginormous T-rex with large nashers.

During this interlude, I also ever so feverishly downed a Ferrero Rocher (Thank you Pera<3) and it was a delight. Could have happily had one for each minute of practice. I could argue the choc settled me (when does it not).

It was awesome and got me pumped for the practice. In all fairness, I had a new song to show (the final piece of the draft EP puzzle) but for some reason, highly unknown to me, I just couldn’t get my vocals to sit quite right. They were there as we threw our musical noggins together to create a living version of my song demo but barely.

This is always a vast source of aggravation when you have this song you really bloody love but your vocal cords are saying ‘not today hon’. On the brighter side… we went through the rest of the EP material and give or take a few rusty parts where even though we hadn’t practiced in a couple of weeks- we still owned it if I do say so myself!!!!!!!!!!


I have to say, throughout my songwriter stroppiness; Raz remained so upbeat it was really bloody motivating. A bit like ‘well they are rocking it and so should I’. Like when all ya mates sat up straight during the dreaded carpet time in year 3 and you knew that if you joined in the ‘good sitting’ you’d be joining them in the bliss of getting a sticker. Good times.

Looking forward, we have our next practice penciled in and waiting to be made the most of without me turning up basically toward the end! In the meantime, I am going to graft at this final original to make sure it is everything I hope for it to be (message and sound). The thing is with this process is that I am really learning.

**(I say this sounding like a tea leaf reader with whimsical hair and a room full of incense)**

Music is like a plant, it flourishes and grows when nurtured. If neglected even for a second it loses its spirit. And that isn’t something I am prepared to risk! So as many of us dedicated musicians feel, music needs to be part of every breath. And I am still understanding that now. 


This is certainly a short little number of a post but I think part of me wants to hold back on it because I am a little frustrated with myself for not having been as prepared as I would have desired.

But hey,  it is all about recognising and rectifying!!

I am looking forward to sharing excerpt #3 with you beauties because I am going to use super duper extraordinarily, marvelously positive thinking and hard work to make sure it is a corker. Especially when I have Raz to work with!!

Here is to the EP STILL with no name (clinks the glass)


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