I couldn’t love you more Mum!

I usually have plenty of words to tip tap down for a post. But I couldn’t begin to put all my love, admiration, appreciation, amazement and utter adoration for my beautiful, caring, sometimes a bit feisty and unconventional mama.


You have a heart big enough for the universe and a sense of humour that can be truly in the gutter (that is where I get it from). You have dealt with so many hardships with complete drive and determination. I don’t know where you hide this strength but my goodness you have it. You go above and beyond for everyone around you and especially for myself. Even when we are having an argument and I have shouted louder than a seagull crying for the long-lost chip on the pavement whilst you exclaim how out of order I am being; I am still so proud of you everytime I look at you.

To think I have ever taken you for granted breaks my heart because every moment spent with you is a blessing from whatever is up there. 

We giggle until I need to nip to the loo, we travel to the most obscure accommodations (EVERYTIME), you let me rest my head on you when I am proper poorly in a bid for me to get some kip (and I would do the same for you but even when you are struggling you don’t stop!!) and you support me in whatever I put my efforts into.

I love you with every part of my soul and being Mama, and I just can’t believe I am part of you. 

So to celebrate you- here are some snaps from the life I have had with you thus far. 

Even in your hardest moments, remember I am here waiting for you to give you a cuddle, cup of Ovaltine and all the time in the world.

Happy Mothers day Mama. Honestly- you are the bloomin’ best x








Forever and always,

Your daughter


2 thoughts on “I couldn’t love you more Mum!

    1. Am really touched by such sweet post on your blog. I can only imagine how proud of you she is, especially after reading such a beautiful write-up to her. My parents both reinforced the importance of being true to myself. I can’t explain it really but I have found that it has often set me apart from the masses. My mother chose to leave the comforts of herselve and raise me in to be a man, which was definitely a rough way during the time of bringing up us to have a good life. She was the strongest woman I’ve known to date, and I can honestly say that I have fallen back on witnessing that strength, knowing that someone could possibly be that strong, to survive some of the rougher days . Am happy when i go home to eat that delicious meal despite being a bachelor.

      Thank you for sharing, really missing my mom today, and reading your post helped me to remember some more of my mother’s wonderful qualities.

      Looking at the post above I will say close that your mom sounds like a really incredibly awesome person, colorful and loving.

      What a wonderful blessing you have.

      Happy enjoyment with your mum.

      You welcome dear friend.



      Peace ✌and Love ❤

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