Bon voyage: I’m off to Peru …

IMG_2314.jpgI wouldn’t have even begun to contemplate this time last year that I would be taking me, myself and I (solo) to South America for just over a fortnight. If you’d have said Mallorca for 10 days with a cocktail in one sunburnt hand and the latest issue of Real People in the other… I would have feverishly nodded my head in agreeance. So in its truest light; you never know what is around the corner!

I have travelled a considerable amount in my time on this v large earth but it has been safe and cosy. A weekend break to Berlin here and a 10 day stay in Spain there buffered by clean accommodation (apart from the time we landed a hostel in the heart palpitating city of Rome, where our room turned out to be a tent that held ALL extreme temperatures at different times of the day as well as a zip up door that didn’t really zip) and so much more luxurious aspects.

You know the process. You get an early morning flight from Stansted, Southend or Luton. This is the time to hit up the Frankie and Benny’s or Nando’s breakfast (Macdonalds if your feeling gnarly, it’s my personal pref) and whip up the last minute essentials. In my case it is always the bloody EU converter plug!! Why do I forget it every time?

You then take a long haul walk to the boarding gate and argue over why you didn’t get ‘speedy boarding’. Everyone is walking past you with smug grins because they are getting on that plane 2 seconds before you and to them- that is winning.

Seatbelt clipped and headphones in. In a few hours, you’ll be somewhere else far away but near enough.

I LOVE this part of a trip. I live and breathe sorting out my airport outfit and what panini I’ll have on the plane. SO I surprised myself when my boyfriend suggested I meet him for a section of his 5-month expedition around the beauty that is South America and I said ‘sure’. I love routine, I am scared of flying, I have to take a blood-thinning injection for bloomin’ long haul flights, I like to have someone to natter to and when I am at the airport even alone for a minute I can reduce to a sweaty pile of nerves.


But, if I could get this trip booked there were two major things I’d be cracking; my fear of a long haul flight (something I have never attempted) and being able to break up the 5 month period in which my partner in crime would be a sight I wouldn’t be able to see!!

So I guess you could say, I’m not going to Peru (followed by Ecuador; coming for you equatorrrr!!) because I have longed for ages to do so, but because I am looking to push myself and try and make the most of chances I would usually quickly and cordially turn down with a polite laugh and nod.

Will I be crapping my new Nike leggings (because I want to nail that ‘I haven’t tried hard’ travel look) as the giant monster of a plane hoists itself up into the air for 15 hours? Yes. Will I be thinking ‘What the f*ck have you done you idiot?’ when I get to the boarding gate and I realise for the next 15 hours I am going to be v high in the air with only the air stewards to talk to? Yes.


Will I see my absolute gem and experience some incredible new things that I could only have dreamt about? YES! YES! YES! And this to me outweighs anything else!

I am learning a lot about myself this year and we are just three hectic months in. One little speck I can draw on is that your mind is your biggest restriction and I am sure you didn’t need me to tell you that.

It leaves me with the question: is our soul stronger than our mind? Ooooh, whimsical but it does tempt me to wonder.

‘Live with no excuses, and travel with no regrets…’


There will be LOTS more about the trip so keep your sunny eyes peeled!


If you’re heading there:




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