3 gigs, 2 towns, 1 city; just one week!

It was that week where Sunday eve swings around and as you climb into bed you think ‘shit’… I have one BUSY week ahead of meeee…

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The mirror is the ‘go to’ when you’re too lonesome for someone to grab a snap of you …

I am sat here about to have a warm bath and grab the mug of Ovaltine to warm my chills and soothe my raging tonsils; 5 times since late August/September, horrid right? But, I am in this minimally inconvenient position through having a C O R K E R of a time last week gigging across the land. From Colchester-Ipswich-Oxford. Its bee miles of music and as always- I loved every bloomin’ minute. So get ya A-Z roadmap at the ready. Let’s see if you can keep up!

Note to self; I am 5 foot 6 and no shorter. Stop making the mic too low.

So to start this hairy bikersesque tour of a few fair counties it is the Black Buoy Open Mic, Wivenhoe!  

The open mic is hidden around a corner in the cutest of all pubs in Wivenhoe, Essex! The feel is warm, friendly and inviting with food OUT OF THIS WORLD and an audience that encourages any covers or originals old or new. The open mic organiser is very obviously a complete profesh in regards to live music and it is safe to say that as soon as you pop behind that mic, you’ll feel as though your in v safe hands!

If you are hoping to begin open mics and your feeling a little fragile about getting out there (don’t be, you little superstar) then this little number is most certainly a fantastic option! You’ll find that you’ll just want to keep going back liiike a boomerang!!

GIG number 2! The Smokehouse … a venue for gigs and a platform for volunteers to shine! This one was to support the incredibly talented Tim Ainslie and The Vibes!

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Feeling at home!!
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Thank you, Tim, for such a fab set!

We are at Wednesday now and this little gig was v last minute- but hey, aren’t they the best? The prequel to this was a quick waga’s after work where admittedly I drafted up the setlist. It was pretty quick and easy to do so because the beauty of this gig is that they had to all be my own!! I have to say I love these sets where you play your own material and you know that it will fall upon ears that are sincerely appreciative to hear it!

The Smokehouse is an incredible venue and set of recording studios (I’ll hook you up with a link below because I’ve got you!) with an incredible team. They provide so much and contribute a vast amount to the music industry and are definitely in need of having a read up on if you are a musician or aspiring one!!! Excitingly they provide volunteering opportunities to, so if I were you I would grab this chance!

Tim Ainslie is a musical masterpiece and playing in his piece Tim Ainslie and The Vibes the mind-blowing guitar was prominent. Undoubtedly! One thing I love love love about supporting is that once you’ve sung your lungs through the set; you can kick back and watch the stars/star of the eve and cherish every note they play. A post set treat.

Friday has come around and I am feeling a little weary but work has finished and Mum and I are on the road to Oxford; one of my favourite cities on this island and it was back to the Chequers Inn. A pleasure every time!

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Potentially trying to remember the words …

By now my throat was raging with blisters on the old tonsils but it was so easy to push through (shouldn’t really but…) because the pub is overflowing with receptive audience members who WANT WANT WANT to sing along. With this in mind; I obviously whipped out Teenage Dirtbag twice because as soon as you begin the ‘Man I feel like mould…’ section everyone attempts their very best impression of Wheatus. It is really quite magical.

The city is a wonder and so far, I have only seen it late at night when the students are stumbling and the street lamps are strained. Nonetheless, I have fallen in love with the place. I have another Oxford gig coming up on April 14th at the Birdcage starting at 9 so if you are reading this and v near; would soooo love to see you there!

It is safe to say; although the travelling and late nights took their toll, so far this year, the week was one of my favourites. There is one thing being busy, but if it is being busy with something you adore then really it’s a bloomin’ treat. Hopefully, this year will be packed with many musical miles and late night drives on the M25 (maybe not so much that …)!

Pops x


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