The ‘My first ever EP’ diary excerpt #3: the one where I thought about sharing and it is time to start thinking and recording and all that jazz …


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Rocketh oneth

This post is exceptionally late and for that- I am exceptionally sorry! I have been in a bit of a lazy frame of mind the last couple of weeks (how criminal of me!) and I have really found it difficult to get ANYTHING done! But motivation is beginning to run through my musical veins and at last, I am getting instalment number 3 up for you beauties (yh u) to read!

Session number 3 was blooming fantastic. I still carried with me the unfinished business of last practice in regards to THAT final song I couldn’t rectify. I mean, there isn’t anything horrendously wrong with it. But it just simply wasn’t sitting right. Like when you try the dress the size down (why do I contemplate this each time …) and it fits. But your pits are bulging out and it looks as though you’re a Frube that is being ever so gently squeezed. Flashing back to the River Island changing room …

I thought and pondered and spent several moments looking perplexed about this ONE song. Oddly enough whilst doing so I had Paramore’s latest album ‘After Laughter’ on which is currently my daily play. Their track, ’26’ is a beautiful song in its whole entirety. From start to finish it captures you in the emotion of the lyrics. It is definitely a track you personally should listen to, to indulge in its sincere impact (and because I love you guys, it is linked below).  This gentle yet powerful sound was an intention I had hoped for this particular track; with the song in hand I played it to Raz at this session and without further ado, their musical excellence gathered itself together and before you know it 7th and 10th chords were being thrown into the evolving mix assisted by suggestion of vocal harmonies- ones I hadn’t even considered!

After running through and putting all these intricate additions to the song, it was finished. I was more than satisfied and the message I had hoped it could carry was present!

This leads me smoothly (like my legs atm, shaved them for the first time in 4 weeks and OH MY) onto my deep and meaningful (I should give it a rest lol) thought of the session …


This is my own EP? And the lyrics and intent are from my own experience, intent and emotion. But the funny thing with music is that it can be passed around, loaned and shared between musicians. The EP is mine but with this track, it will certainly be made v clear that these wonderful souls contributed a huge amount towards essentially fixing it. Unlike many job roles; in music, it is beneficial to share! Without opening up my concerns and admitting that I just didn’t have any more rope with this piece, I wouldn’t have had a truly enjoyable session with Raz but also co-created a song that I hope will be listened to by many and capture those who have felt similar to the message of the song. Because it really does have one; I cannot reveal yet because well, that would be spoiling it!!

Where does everything stand now???

I am seeing what days I am free from work and Raz are free from their ever hectic schedules so we can get together, for, at last, the recording part! It is time to get this EP down on tracks and I could not be more excited! This part is the thorough and really quite a tricky part. However, I can’t help but feel this is where the EP will come into its own. To tell you the truth?

I couldn’t be more excited.




Paramore ’26’ :




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