Scarlett Notes Session 1: feeling in awe and at home with Jake Begley…


It is here! The first post for the Scarlett Notes Session; and what better singer-songwriter, guitarist and musical mastermind to kick us off than Jake Begley himself! Lucky aren’t we? We discuss all things songwriting related in regard to Jake’s latest EP, The Dark Hedges, bursting at the seams with production, writing and deep thought and emotion that so many of us can relate to. As I tend to say… sit back, put ya feet up, grab a quick cuppa or latte and have a read. Jake is forever intriguing and there really wasn’t a quiet moment!

Jake has come over to meet me after work at the station and as always he greets me with the warmest of hugs and a smile that I have actually created a song about previously (Dear Friend, it is all about Jake!). It is easy to grasp that jake has a lot of emotion to give. And that is rightly so within this EP. Somehow he seamlessly layers the emotion with a strong edge. Although arguably he bares all, the EP is driven by a sense of moving forward, regardless of how he feels. And this, I love. Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 21.18.22.png

I begin the session head first with some deep musical questions and Jake isn’t phased! Before we both know it, it is time for the first original song of his to be recorded. At the moment Scarlett Notes is admittedly v bare in terms of technical assistance but purchasing and researching are being commenced behind the scenes and I hope, as each upload goes ahead- you as the viewer and more importantly, the listener can see how Scarlett Notes will have grown.

Jake Begley and his original, ‘Salt water’ …

As I am sat here typing this blog, I am watching the video back and thinking how everytime I listen to Jake perform ‘Salt water’ the song becomes even more carved into my musical library. The impressionable hook of when Jake sings ‘I am an island’ has so much to say musically and lyrically. Like most songs, lyrics tend to fall into interpretation. And if we are going by that here, there is so much this corker of a tune could be symbolising. That is the beauty of Jake’s songwriting. He may have written it with one certain intent, but it could be applicable to so much more. I can promise you that Salt Water’s pulsing and driving rhythm and v independent feel will remain marked on your brain like a plastic tip to an etch-a-sketch. I can’t and won’t ever stop going to this masterpiece as a regular Spotify preference. PUT IT IN YOUR FAVES.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 20.39.25.png

‘Warming to you’ …

This really did warm to me. Instantly. I sit back when listening to ‘Warming to you’ and marvelled at, not just Jake’s consistently unconventional and stylistic lyricism, but also how intelligent the arrangement of the music is. The song is performed by Jake on a Yamaha Female Fit Electro-Acoustic (I will link it below, it is a joy and a half to play for sure) in the video and I have fallen in love with the warm tone Jake’s vocals have whenever he sings acoustically. However, shifting glances to the EP as it is on Spotify, the production of this track is incred. I personally can identify a real presence of a Morrisey sound amongst Jakes own unique style. A real climatic momento is the guitar solo ripping through with full force followed by Jake bringing the song back in with ‘Your the one, the one… for me’ and here there is a spillage of vulnerability in the vocals tone. I can’t help but indulge majorly in this part of the song because crafting your music to show both stregnth and vulnerability is a true talent alone. And for Jake? He has nailed it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 20.39.11.png

Wanting more?

I could go on and on until the sun shakes off it’s sleepy sombre and it is morning yet again but hey, it is down to you now! Filming and chatting with Jake Begley as the first Scarlett Notes Session was an absolute delight and I am still thrilled to have had such raw and ever developing talent on the channel and blog. Thank you so much, Jake.

Now all you need to do is hop over to Spotify and follow Jake’s EP, The Dark Hedges. If you do, you’ll be really treating ya self. Once you’ve done that little clickity click, followed by hooking yourself up with all his socials, then you can rest your weary hands behind your head and watch the video! It is jam-packed with muso talks and giggles. Constant giggles.

Until the next session,

See you!


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