Waiting for the penny to drop?


Now, I am not the slowest of the bunch but I certainly am not the quickest.

And that applies to all avenues in life. But since moving home and settling into a routine and pursuing music with all my might and starting a new, full-time job that is educating me every minute; I have been thinking hard about how, with me, it takes some time for the ‘penny to drop’ but when it does I fully understand. This has fascinated me and I thought I’d just take a moment to look right into it and ask the question we all ask so often … Why? 


Research suggests …

SO in aid of this blog, I have jumped into a small paddling pool of research. From my rapid google searching, it is firstly v intellectually defined that ‘cognition’ is the process of using our thoughts, senses and experiences to understand something (not exactly word for word, courtesy of https://study.com/academy/lesson/cognitive-processes-in-learning-types-definition-examples.html). It is here I began my investigation into when the ‘penny drops’. I wanted to explore HOW we know when we have understood something; but the ‘net’ was pretty ambiguous in its giving on this, although I stumbled across a very intriguing article that confidently suggested ‘ It is better to understand something than know it!‘ and this really got my brain waves ready for a day-long surf …

Part of the article notes that without the presence of knowledge, understanding something isn’t possible (seriously good article, I have linked it above) and to some degree, I think this is pretty dead on. I have found myself, it is circumstantial. Roll on an example…

In a job role, I am nervous, sweaty and pretty god damn clumsy in the first few months because my knowledge has been built from scratch. Until I feel like a partial mastermind in the role, processes and aspects that are actually simple feel so much more difficult and intimidating at the time. And all of a sudden, quicker than me dashing to a loo once I have broken the seal- the penny drops and I understand. Everything becomes easier and far far far more enjoyable. I don’t have a consistent upper sweaty lip and the double doubting of everything I do goes out the window. So yeah, I’d agree that with knowledge comes understanding.


If looking at the concept of understanding from a POV where it is considered as an attribute, arguably this is from the soul or integrity of someone- if your bez mate is sad, you don’t need facts, information or stats to understand how their feeling and to show that to them with a warm and fuzzy hug.

Swishing back to the pre penny dropping nerves. This then triggered me to consider the effect of Anxiety (yes, the big A is making an appearance in this post again!) on when I need to get my head around something new. When I am amidst a period of anxiety that is particularly challenging (this tends to induce a copious amount of choc consumption) I become irritable and distracted (a couple of often labelled symptoms, I have linked up the NHS page above on the ‘anxiety’) and this has really impacted on my focus when needing to get the old cogs rolling. When the anxiety is less of a chokehold and more of a niggle my understanding capabilities are more efficient. I have to make clear that this is my own personal experience and not based on fact! If anything I am intrigued to know more about this if you are reading this thinking ‘I know, I know!!!’ then please pop a comment. I am all ears when it comes to our mental health. And my own definitely effects when I am trying to become a master of something.

Having taken the time to look into this with a magnifying glass of curiosity, I realised that for myself- the calmer I can be, the easier it will be for that bloomin’ penny to drop more often. And theoretically speaking; I’ll be rolling in it. I guess, the less pressure there is for the understanding to come flooding in- the more susceptible you may be to it happening? The tricky part of a resolution this little blog is that when it comes down to the boil: it really is down to you, the individual! I am interested to see if you beauties are quick whizzes or similar to me? At the end of the day, we are all different.

In case you were wondering!!!!!!!

A little quote from the iconic site that is Urban Dictionary …

‘The phrase dates back to the Victorian Era and the popular penny-slot arcades. The penny would often stick halfway down the slot and the user would then have to either wait, or give the machine a thump before the ‘penny finally dropped’ and they could begin playing…’

scarlett  notes

Thank you for not dropping off + reading until the end!


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