The ‘My first ever EP’ diaries #4: the one where we start recording and I get annoyed with the metronome …


I have to say this has been the MOST exciting EP sesh to date!! Equipped with my guitar and all the leads in the world I arrived at the studio with an excited knot forming in my stomach; nope it wasn’t trapped wind before you ask…

I was hesitant to start the recording because although I studied 3 long and hard years of music (recording included) I still admittedly am not the most confident muso when it comes to laying that audio track down on logic. And one little thing I did discover during this session is that I also face MUCH conflict when playing along with the bloody metronome. The tick-tock of it began to ring in my ears like a painful thud and if I had had a metronome in my clasp I would have gone WWE on it and wrestled it to the ground until it stopped tick-tocking back and forth. The metronome is super crucial for recording the guide track to lay the final parts down to so I couldn’t just push it to the backburner. With Raz’s iron strong patience, I played through a few times to the metronome and managed to succeed in hitting the right tempo for ‘headache’ (if ya interested it was 125 bmp)…


During the degree, I never really paid enough attention to the recording aspect of being a musician and this I honestly really do regret this. But as we all say, it is never too late to start something and with the EP it is a second (third or fourth) chance to really get my head around all things compression and output haha.

Being able to hear the tracks back is true bliss because its the equivalent of when an artist puts the pastel to paper. The recording was carried out on music software, Logic Pro, which was also the programme used throughout the degree. I began the three years as enemies with Logic pro but we soon formed a firm companionship and soon enough I managed to understand just what all the intricate bits and bobs were there for… HOORAH.

However …

Thanks to Raz I was able to take the project home via a very old and slightly wonky memory stick. But, nonetheless I was EXCITED to hear it when I arrived home and maybe attempt to try a few productions techniques on it… oh no. Of course not, my logic has packed in and what did this mean for being able to have the first glorious listen to my first recorded track for my first ever EP? Well, I can’t yet. I am going to have to pay for a new installation of Logic. This little but extremely irritating obstacle crept under my skin because it is an example of where technology can actually disrupt music.

Putting the moaning to one side, it is the start of one of the most exciting parts of this process. And soon enough the home run will be in sight!

Question is … I do ask … do I even want the writing and recording this EP to end?





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