Be right back! I’m off to the best city in the world …


Less of a post and more of a note! 

I’m going to my most favourite and adored city in the world, Berlin today and I’ll be back Sunday eve. Ready to commence all things bloggy again! Berlin is bold, vibrant, sentimental, haunted and constantly awake! To be going there for the fourth time will be an absolute pleasure and I feel v grateful to be going with such a wonderful gal pal- goodness knows what we’ll end up doing, should imagine shopping is v high up on the priority list!!

I have been previously with my partner in crime, the year before that my two fave minx’s (messy) and the first time was my longed for history trip that was a mixture of focusing on the cold war and which hostel room could stay up the latest…

I am currently writing this filled with complete excitement and just look forward to reopening, for the millionth amazing time, a Pandora’s box that you could simply label as …


Before you ask … YES I will be dedicating a long, linked out blog post on this aspiring city and there will be a copious amount of snaps to accompany (woohoo)!

Until we speak again,

Have a marvellous week, I’m off to hit the currywurst.



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