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You know when you are so deeply in love with something, like the Biscoff krispy kreme waiting for you in Tesco, or the overpriced bikini that you already have in a different colour for holibobs but hey- ya love it! Well… if you hadn’t already been a mini Sherlock Holmes and guessed. I am in love love love with the incredible city of Berlin. I’ve been four beautiful times and perhaps one day I could call it a home. So as a passing of knowledge, an unconventional guide of the city … here are my top 3 places to set your glassy eyes on when you visit. Let’s get stuck in…


Where to start? This area of Berlin is similar to a Caramac bar. The wrapping is pretty plain and little dated. But as you peel back the slightly retro wrapper and taste the out of this world goodness that is held within- you realise that you’ve been a fool by judging the book by its cover.

To start this area just at the right spot, I rely on the U-Bahn to bobble me all the way along to Warschauer Straße and it is here where you can begin the wonder. Immediately there is the view of industrial Berlin, the Telly Tower and the pretty flash and impressive Mercedes arena. To my delight, there tends to be a raw and emerging busker just outside the station that has a ‘chilled’ crowd forming. The chilled moods cause can be smelt in the air from your first sniff- not my forte but is plenty of others there aha! To the right, there is a bridge and what looks like a group of abandoned, ruined warehouses that haven’t had company in a long while. Remember that wrapper? This is where we make the tear. Slope down some stairs between a couple of retro Currywurst vendors and an iconic Photo Automat booth and you’ll begin to see fairy lights, vegan stalls, vintage clothing tents and live music spill across the horizon like a drink that has toppled over. On a summers day, it is an unknown retreat, simply a hidden bliss.

This little saucy secret is known as a couple of places- firstly, Urban Spree which I have spoken about in a previous blog! And then there is the Food Market which I have to hold my long old arms up and admit; still to this day, I don’t know what its called. Just beyond is the East Side Gallery and I believe this is the v last thing I have to do in Berlin. And I have now seen and enjoyed ALOT! I have to say, I could do individual blog posts on each of these treasures and maybe I will! Once you have been totally hippified by the Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez sorta feels that erupt there… you can hop back up to street level and make a slow meander to a light in my life.

Books and Bagels (Shakespeare and Sons). Holy moly this place got me H O O K E D.


It really is what the title gives away. A whole load of amazing tasting, freshly baked bagels with all sorts of add-ons. Cream cheese? Uh yeah. Smashed Avo? Yes. Not only the delish food, but the books lace the cafe with all the genres you could think of. Then, as a musician this is a real sweet thing, there is vinyl to purchase. As you sip on dreamy coffee and munch on that poppy seed masterpiece- you can consider what you’ll be accompanying your Crosley with next! Is this what dreams are made of?

Now, I am not as pally with a club as I once was but I must mention that there is Berlin’s 24/7 nightclub, Matrix just below the train station and I’ll be quick with this one. If you like dancing, shots and feeling v rough the next morning then this would be really good fun for you.



Oh oh oh, this one is for the shopaholic or the Instagram friend who can’t let up on a coffee in front of a marble background shot. This part of Berlin feels as though it may be twinning with Oxford Circus. It has the same grand feel and everything is pristine, crystal and clear. Once again, hop onto the U-Bahn and stroll off at kurfürstendamm and you’ll walk up the steps into a sunny avenue of designer shops and cafes on every corner (a particular fave of mine is the Blueberry Cafe, just a little off the beaten track). The shops range from Lacoste to Forever 21 to the iconic department store, KaDeWe

It is easy and feels like the throbbing heart of the city.  Surrounded by the metro it is super smooth to get to and not far from other attractions such as the Zoo (stop is Zoologischer Garten), however, I haven’t been personally as I have had a change of thought over Zoos recently. Another post for another time! There is a mighty Urban Outfitters there that feels as though it goes on forever. Georgia and I hit the booth in there last week and it was clear I just couldn’t figure out my angle. Nonetheless v v v fun!

Note to yourself- there is a stand between two pretty big department stores heading down to the end of the stretch of glorious shops that sells currywurst with roasties and an ice tea for 6 bloody euros!!!! A beautiful surrounding and a bargain price. Whats that you say? Bliss?


This the area which is always a great place to start when you’ve arrived and popped your bags in the luggage room and crave either a huge latte or a kicking mojito. It also has a train station that holds many lines so is a version of London Victoria essentially. A particularly naughty perk is the giant Primark store. Although I was disciplined by a customer assistant there for popping a vest in the wrong place (oops).

There are a series of bars hidden and snug under the metro. These are bloody wonderful and really great for the price. Just down from Alexanderplatz are several other areas that you could spend a handful of hours exploring. In one way you have the cathedral and DDR Museum if you are a history lover like me. Or there is the area pinpointed as Oranienburger Tor which has SO many places to fill your faces such as a magical place called Hummus and Friends, what a scrumptious experience. The best part other than the cuisine was their slogan ‘Make Hummus, not walls’. 

I’m gonna have to sequel this up … 

Although it may be hard to believe, I have so much more to natter about when it comes to this forever awake and forever mesmerising city. I haven’t even touched on the historical events that lace the walls, ground and air. And there are LOTS more corners unearthed. So for now what I will say is, if you’re looking to discover something out of the norm, that will make you feel a way you never have then Berlin could just be for you. I am passionate about the city and feel safe there. As I said earlier, one day I hope to call it home …


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