Departure time! It’ll be quiet over here just for a bit. I am South America bound!

A huge thank you to all who have followed Scarlett Notes over the last few weeks! I am so grateful and love all the posts I have been able to enjoy following you!!

Please do not let my silence over the next few weeks let you ponder as to if I am still actively blogging (how could I ever stop!) I will be exploring Peru and Ecuador and seeing some wonderful sights that I will eagerly take snaps of, ready to blog like a modern day Christopher Colombus when I am back in Blighty!

Whilst I am away I do have a few recent posts you can have a little read of AND AND AND if you want me to read any new posts- just comment the link on one of mine and as soon as I have that OH SO precious WIFI I shall read and most defo LIKE!

Take care you beautiful things, and I will see you in a short while!




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