#5 of my ‘First ever EP’ diary: we’ve made it half way through the recording but I’m falling out with my vocals …


Oh it is good to be back here!

It has been a long old time since I touched base with the EP and what’s happening and for a moment, I felt that was really unorganised of me and that I should be creating this {music masterpiece} rapidly and smoothly. However, after a period of thinking about what has to be done, I have realised that good things are allowed to take time. It is the care and effort you put in when in the moment that matters. I just want the EP to reflect on how I felt at the time. And for it to help at least one person who will listen. If that is going to take the year, rather than a month- I am a happy gal with that.

Where are we at?

This Thursday I came together with RAZ for a chunky five hours and we HIT-THE-GROUND-RUNNING with getting straight into nailing the drums down for the lead track ‘Headache’. Honestly, the drums sounded stunning. I popped the headphones on- soundproof ones so they suck your ears aha- and listened intently. It has come together. Yes… I have to master… but it hit home and we all grinned … finally a song was there, in the audio waves making a statement.

I had an issue…

I love the song, the lyrics and what it stands for is close to my heart. But we recorded the vocals (3 X over!) and they just do not complement the song. This pulled the blanket off an obstacle I knew I’d have to tackle with all my might at some point; I need to get back to basics, vocally. For the EP to echo everything I’d felt, the vocals need to be strong and stylistic. Integral to myself and through a year of chronic sinus issues (grim sorry) and chest infections it has taken me back a few pegs. I know I know, nothing that can’t be fixed. But I need to invest time in reguarly warming up, working with the piano to keep the aural ability confident. BUT most importantly, I need to find where my voice wants to sit. I’m listening to every singer songwriter I love until I am blue blue blue in the face! I am excited to see how I can develop vocally. And once this is A-OK I can record the vocals again and hopefully have a happy musical heart… 


Halfway through (clink clink)

We cracked on with the second track and managed to secure the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass all in the space of what felt like 10 mins. The process is getting more swift and it was clear we all felt pretty proud with that. So without further ado, that takes us to pretty much the halfway point for the initial recording. I have so much hope and excitement for this EP, so to be this far brings a smile everytime. Moving forward, I need to start studying the MANY ins and outs of Logic pro (latest version) and do my homework on the vocal sitch.

We’ll be coming together in Septemeber to finish the recording then it is all down to myself to nail the mastering- this could take a week, it could take 10. But I am determined to learn from everything I do!





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