Polly Haynes: ‘Pulling Me Backwards’ is everything and more …


First thing is first.

I am sat at 8:52 am in the morning, having just followed the same old morning routine of wearily munching my gluten-free cornflakes with the intent of flopping onto the sofa like a giraffe dropping down for a sunset rest and I have a spring in my slumber step.


I am listening to Polly Haynes’ phenomenal track, Pulling Me Backwards (before you ask, I have been good to you, links WILL be below to pop a naughty click on each and everyone!) and it has got me moving, feeling excited and ever so slightly slinky for the day.

Polly’s vocals have such a warm yet fierce impact that gives you every confidence in each note. From the first lyric ‘You’re trouble when you walk in the door …’ you can instantly build a relationship. What I truly love about the vocals is that it is simply obvious that Polly has her own stylistic sound ‘in the bag‘. And it is most certainly a sound that I am loving.

The lyrics are incredibly clever and in-depth, exploring {from what I have interpreted} the come back from heartache which we all KNOW SO WELL with Polly beautifully singing ‘It feels like I’ve been sentenced to pain…’. But, the difference here is that with the lyrics being quite emotionally raw, the song still carries itself with a determined and empowered sound with the second verse progressing in thought and feeling with the lyrics ‘just need some confidence mixed with some persistence’ where the rhythm of the line hooks you to the bone, syncopated just like a dream.


The instrumentation of ‘Pulling Me Backwards’ gets the stiffest of feet wanting to tap, move and shuffle. The ‘wammy’  (hey I don’t always know the tech term) sound the guitar is holding encourages the track to make you melt. Not only this, oh no, the brass within the song has a beautifully heavy presence that gives an integral and vivacious feel with the stop chords making you, the listener, also want to stop in your tracks. This brings me so eagerly to the simmering, heated and out of this world guitar solo in the outro. Oh my, I had to take a seat. If you didn’t feel ready for the day before, ya will now.

Polly has a sound that takes ownership…

You know that Polly has taken this musical moment to sit down, write a song that is so greatly honest and raw and then ensure that the arrangement and instrumentation do it MORE than justice. The chorus says so much with a small amount of lyrical content and it bloody works! Polly has so perfectly let her lyrics and music lead all the talking and quite rightly so.

In my opinion?

Polly has already made a strong statement within the industry and if her tracks keep evolving from the musical realms with such a fierce yet calmly confident feel- we will be hearing so much more. I am certainly a dedicated listener and as I walk to the station today, I’ll be humming the unforgettable riff of ‘Pulling Me Backwards’ in the chorus. Trust me, once you’ve had a listen… you’ll know exactly what I mean!


I am endlessly excited to see where Polly will flourish from here. I believe it will be far!

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