Want to know what real music is? Leyline Pass and their single ‘Glass Cage’ show us how it is …

Leyline Pass: photo courtesy of Matt Fletcher of Wavem Studios!

When embarking on putting this review together, I knew I would be fully immersed because that is the power that Leyline Pass’s tracks seem to have over me… time and time again. And becoming lost in ‘Glass cage’ was pretty much irresistible. So let’s get stuck in and see just how Leyline Pass are moving through musical leaps and bounds…

I’m immediately whisked away by the beautifully fresh sound of the guitar building a driving pace that makes you want to rip your coat from the hook and go on a fast walk to anywhere. The intro excitingly evolves even before the polished and velvety sound of the singer, Amy’s vocals begin to make their presence well and truly known. A highlight is the second guitar perfectly placing, what feels like ‘call and answer’ of a melody, into the mix and signalling so much to come. Which is marvellous. It isn’t just the above, but Leyline Pass have been careful not to overload the start, which so many of us as musicians, fall into the trap of.

As verse 1 takes a firm hold with ‘Walking down this road it seems alien to me, I can’t breathe…’ the lyrics begin to open up a whole pool of restriction and striving for the impossible and you can begin to eagerly empathise with the ‘caged’ feeling the song captures so brilliantly … ‘living for something I can’t reach’. A particular lyric that resonated with me, and probably with many, is ‘The credits they don’t roll for me’. Such a simple reference that expertly sums up that feeling of being imprisoned by barriers. For a brief moment, if you are moving through the same motions as the track, you feel as though through their lyrical excellence… Leyline Pass might just be in your head!

The chorus withholds a melodic hook that even if I had my memory swiped, I would most likely not forget. And that is just already a winning attribute to a track, isn’t it? That all-important hook. The chorus brings a wave of frustration, met with an even mightier wave of determination through musically brilliant lyrical composition, instrumentation and production. It is so important to recognise that Leyline Pass nurture the quality of their tracks, and with Glass Cage, the condition is everything. The recording and production have been created with utter precision.


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Logo by: Ross Shaw

As our journey that Glass Cage has grasped us on, draws to an end, shivers are induced with the glistening vocals echoing the first line again. This takes us back to the start of an unforgettable track.

Taking us back to where we began. 

What’s to come?

For this warm, inviting and unbelievably hardworking band, the future is beaming and bright. Having already had radio play on BBC introducing and performing gigs more times than we as Brits have a cuppa… the only way for Leyline Pass is up and up. I am already an avid listener and whenever spending time with the band, I feel a real sense of wholesome grounding. They create and perform their music for the love of the art. Keep an eye firmly on Leyline Pass because they are most definitely ones to watch. Links are, as always, below! Let’s show some love!

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