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It has only taken me just a brush over a year to pop this little travel number together… but this beautiful city, the capital of Spain, was just playing on my mind! So in true Scarlett Note fashion, I have created an ‘All you need to know’ guide. Be prepared for the one-stop-plan-ya-holiday experience. Here are the top 3 fantastically marvellous areas you should visit in Madrid…

Blink once, blink twice, blink three times and the sun trap of a city still glistens and shimmers.

Uno: Gran Vía


Translated this means ‘Great way’ (correct me if I am wrong!). I can most certainly understand why. Look closely at the snap above, and you can already notice the ‘Kiko’ glistening at the end. That is after you’ve scanned across the rainbow bunting that had been left in place from Madrid’s Pride celebrations. Before we delve into the shopping experience {phenomonal}, the architecture is outstanding for the entirety of Gran Vía. Blink once, blink twice, blink three times and the sun trap of a city still glistens and shimmers. The balconies laced with the decorative iron bars. The shutters astride letting the warmth of the sun and hum of the city centre trickle in. We stumbled across a narrow but effortlessly chic coffee shop whilst beginning our two-hour trek in and out of every shop you could possibly find on one street {dreamy}. The staff were so welcoming, and although the language barrier proved an obstacle, we were still able to have a {unique} chat where gesture was the main form of communicating {cue me acting out a LARGE coffee, oh god}. Just to name a few shops {of SO many}… there was The Friday Project, Brandy Melville, Mac, H and M and more of course.

Not far from Gran Vía are a couple of places we would defo recommend for your city break. The first hot spot is the Jardin Secreto Salvador Bachiller and if you are a keen Instagrammer then!!! Nestled at the top of an unconventional and beautiful homeware(ish, lots of other things too) store is the Secret Garden which has draping plants, rich forest colours and an aesthetic you’ll need to sit down for! The menu is laced with glorious dishes and cocktails such as the Mojito I devoured. Important note: make sure you save some pennies for this visit because although it certainly doesn’t leave you out of pocket… with its immaculate standard comes a middle-of-the-road pricing.


Last but not least, having both just found out we had nailed 2:1’s for our degrees, a celebration was immediately needed. This is how we stumbled across the Pandora’s Box which is MONDO! Unexpected, spontaneous and completely unaffordable given we were OUT of euros. But the best night of the trip foooorrrr surrrrrreeee. We found ourselves walking into a set by the one and only, Seth Troxler… how does that happen?! Only in Madrid! That’s the thing, the nightlife is in a category of its own. You have everything… from Mondo to a bar we had a few more chilled drinks in called the Bicycle Cafe which personally was my thing down-to-a-T! If its a series of nights out, one different from the next, that you are looking for then Madrid is 110 per cent the one for you. A true match.


Dos: Malasaña

… you’ve got a winner winner winner here!!


Honestly? I fell head.over.heels for this area of Madrid. Prior to going, I had researched unconventional places to spend time in and Malasaña was the first place that pinged up. If it’s different you’re looking for it’ll be there. A particular moment I cherish is being in a department store at 1 in the morning (which had the most convenient Starbucks) because for an unbeknown reason; it was still open!! We then darted in and out of the districts quirky bars and clubs. I’ll make sure they are linked below so make sure you include these little corkers into your trip. Basically, the whole area is balmy and indie, holding a real feel of its own. If you want to grab a snap outside a rustic wall, glittered with art and fairy lights… you’ve got a winner winner winner here!!

Tres: Casa De Campo


Absolute bliss. They would be the two most appropriate words for this natural wonder cradled in the hustle of Madrid. It is a little hard to find, but once you’re in it feels as though you’ve made a dreamy escape to a dry but beautiful park that stretches for miles. It has a v accommodating restaurant at the beginning of the utterly breath-taking landscape that provided the largest jug of sangria I have ever set my eyes on. Needless to say, of course, we were gasping in the heat and needed to finish the whole jug pronto. It would have been rude not to right? There is so much to do with a lake full of water sports, and an opportunity to rent a bike! So if the active soul lies within you, Casa de Campo would most certainly be up your street. It has a chilled, natural and calming feel. A magical treasure in the middle of a busy and growing city.

Feel like Madrid is the sparkling city break for you? I’m glad Scarlett Notes could help! Madrid is magical, intriguing and capable of pulling you straight back in with the vast amount it has to offer!

I know I’ll be back again soon and next time; I shall go out TWICE as much! 


Book your break now beauty:

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