Scarlett Notes Top 10 Must Listen Weekly

1.) Belong/ Fyfe ft Kimbra


This little naughty find was through the one and only Spotify ‘Discover Weekly’ when I was desp searching for a walk to work sorta playlist. You may recognise Kimbra’s beautifully velvet sound from ‘Somebody that I used to know’ which rocked our worlds back in 2011. Though this corker holds a brush of contrast with Fyfe reflecting Kimbra in a more contemporary indie realm with the electronic essence making you feel all sorts!

Listen here: 

2.) Take Your Mama / Scissor Sisters


It isn’t all about being current! I just can’t slip myself away from this Scissor Sister’s triumphant hit. The crisp and rhythmic guitar amongst so much more leaves this glorious tune perfect for pulling your curtains back to! Mooorning!

Listen here: 

3.) Face Like Thunder / Japanese House


Cue fangirl rant right … about…NOW! Please if you haven’t checked out the beautiful and sincere sound/lyricism of The Japanese House then do what is best and save them to your must listen to agenda! Through recommendation, I discovered The Japanese House with their track ‘Saw You In A Dream’ and fell into the trap of listening to it more times than I give in to eating the whole ball of Mozzarella (now that is a lot!). Swimming in the genre’s of Electropop and Indie Pop, the talent of Amber Bain is raw and unmissable. An absolute treat.

Listen here: 

4.) Cola / CamelPhat


I became a pure lover of Cola when I heard the intro and convinced myself that it was the (still unknown) track I became besotted with last year in Madrid. It is safe to say I’m now pretty glad for the confusion! The thud of the start of the track gives you that ‘something great is gonna turn my life around today’ feel. It pulses you into the day. If you’re feeling the S A S S and you know you’re going to own the day- stick this ON!

Listen here: 

5.) Life on Mars / David Bowie


I feel as though words may not even begin to reflect on the magnitude this song withholds in terms of being iconic! When you listen to this Bowie hit, you’ll know why it is sitting here comfortably in the Scarlett Notes Top 10!

Listen here: 

6.) Trying / FUR


You feel as though you just want to be lost in a summers night with your significant other or best pal, running with the night. ‘Trying’ is the sweetheart’s anthem without trying. The chorus has you wanting to throw your face up to the deep pink sky and sway to the indie-esque vocals. The whole instrumentation of this number really does just work!

Listen here:


7.) Youth / Glass Animals


I cannot let go of my sweet obsession with Glass Animals. This album as a whole gives me so many different emotions; sometimes all at once! In particular, ‘Youth’ has this euphoric echo that has you boomeranging back to that one track time and time again!

Listen here:


8.) 7 / Catfish and the Bottlemen


I was rushing through Kings Cross last week and accompanying me on my (forever delayed) travels was this absolute head bangerrrr! Throwing it back to when I saw this live at Community Festival last year and lost all control over my vocal cords through not singing BUT YELLING every lyric!

Listen here: 

9.) Porcelain / Moby


1999 was an absolute catalyst for music and ‘Porcelain’ was one of the success’ from the musical chaos. Taken from the Beach soundtrack (oh Leo), this tune made one of the finest moments of my South American travels. Sat on the stunning beach of Mancora, Peru… the sunset fell down. Cam and I sat side by side, a headphone each, and took in every moment- listening to Porcelain. I don’t know what it is that captures me here, but maybe you’ll find it does the same for you?

Listen here: 

10.) Leaving You Behind / Clean Cut Kid


Because of the lively and kick ya heels sort of feel this tune has, I really didn’t take in the heartfelt and grounded lyrics that make this song exactly what it is. ‘Leaving You Behind’ already hints at the topic of the track; but it truly is about moving on… but in a mutual and caring way! Not forgetting the immense musicality leading to an immediate listen to the WHOLE ALBUM.

Listen here: 

See you next week!



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