Scarlett Notes Top 10 Must Listen Weekly


Funky Sensation // Disclosure

Wow oh wow. Get ya flares out and anything Lycra. Disclosure has gone and hit right where it feels oh sooooo goooood! ‘Funky’ is leading us up the correct garden path for sure. The intro starts off with an Earth, Wind and Fire resonance to then burst into what feels like the funk/electronic mix of the century. CENTURY! If you wanna step out the shower into life as a dizzy disco, this one is for you honey bunch! Go go go!

Space Song // Beach House

The whimsical synth start to this trance-giving number has you wanting to run your hands along the walls as you stumble through a city night, feeling that euphoric feeling of freedom you get on the odd occasion after a 12/10 night out with all your pals. Certainly echoing the joys of Tame Impala’s psychedelic persona, this song encompasses your mindset for the duration of its soft and indie sound. One for the unconventional lovers lost to all that’s different.

Track 3:

Good Time Girl // Sofi Tukker

Get those edgy garms out and the slickest hairstyle you’ve ever had because this naughty track brings out the inner sass from deep within. The first time I’d heard this track was on MTV and I have to admit, I simply wasn’t sure! But with a few intense listening sessions on Spotify and popping it onto the all-important walk to work playlist. I’ve grown a sheer fondness. So much so, sometimes it’s my go-to track. Woah. A mix of electronic synth-loving and soft melodic vocals when hitting the chorus. An eclectic feel for any music indulger… that’s for sure!

I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore // LANY

Ladies and gentleman, it’s all about the lyrics with this little corker. ‘Only way to get past this feeling, is to tell myself you’re not coming back‘ … a raw and true to heart statement for anyone who has been caught in the aching situation where you are still so deeply in love but it just can’t work anymore. For any of you who need a cathartic number to unlock those emosh feelings locked deep inside- add this now!

Came in Close // Pale Waves

I’ll admit, Pale Waves are crisp, fresh and new to me- and I’m gutted it’s taken this long to discover them. This track is an anthem worthy of being rocked out to all in Ally Pally (if you know, you know). Another refreshing little treat with this track is the fact it’s yet another indie band led by a female singer! I love the fact this is growing within the industry now. A little GRL power, but hey! I’m proud! As us gals should be!

Cry Me a River // Nina Nesbitt

Because we all know how the iconic ‘takes me back’ track that is Cry Me a River, originally by JT, I’m gonna keep this one shorrrrt + super sweet. This cover is sultry, passionate and integral. Nina Nesbitt has hit the scene recently with the incredible force such as Loyal to Me. So it would be totally worth checking her out! Her smooth and unique vocals carry this cover into another sphere. A triumph indeed.

Sincerity is Scary // The 1975 

All I can say is that The 1975 is back. I could not be more delighted. Enjoy cherubs!

A Step You Can’t Take Back // Keira Knightley

Begin Again is my absolute fave film. To make this a whole lot scrummier, the soundtrack is beyond perfection. Simple lyrics with a wave of the artsy singer/songwriter vibe. The lyrics cut to the bone and Kiera Knightley shocks us all.

Creep // Radiohead

How will we ever grow tired of such an insanely amazing song? From the intro to outro, every moody part of the soul is captured and placed into verse and chorus to create a song for the broken, hurt and angry. If this week hasn’t gone so good, release some feels and bring Radiohead back into your life.

All Time Love // Will Young

Always a pleasure Will, always a pleasure. A track from a long old time ago. All Time Love is beautiful and heart-breaking. It seems perhaps there is a theme with this week’s TOP 10. The thing is, music isn’t solely about perfection. It is also about allowing us to feel, cry and bounce back from situations that are imperfect.

Music is always there.

See you next week for the same JUST different! 



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