Scarlett Notes Top 10 Must Listen Weekly

Hello, you gorgeous Music Maestro!

The time has come for another Top 10 Must Listen breakdown of what beautiful bangers should be nestled into your carefully composed playlist for the walk to work, traffic jam distraction or those all-important getting ready vibes.

As always there isn’t an overall genre of the tracks that are gleaming on the Top 10 line-up- it is as eclectic as jazz guitarists are sultry.

If you are bursting to have a song you adore on the Top 10 playlist or would LOVE exposure for your own track- email at and let’s get it on there!

1.) Redbone // Childish Gambino

2.) Radar // Honne

3.) Cosmic Dancer // T-Rex


5.) Manila // Maribou State

6.) Rapper’s Delight // the Sugarhill Gang

7.) Sleepwalking // Tourist

8.) Tadow // Masego, FKJ

9.) Banana Pancakes // Jack Johnson

10.) Heart of Glass // Blondie


S C A R L E T T   N O T E S  T O P 1 0  M U S T  L I S T E N  P L A Y L I S T: 


See you next week for the same JUST different! 


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