Dusky Sunday Release New Single ‘Oceans’ and I’ve Been Swept Away

Sat at my desk with the busy bustle of Walthamstow Central slipping through my window, the sun is hitting the acorn tree outside so that a silhouette is sat on my wall. And it feels like home. It reminds me of sleepy Suffolk and the gentleness the countryside brings with it, the waves lapping onto the shoreline. To make this moment so much more beautiful, I am listening to the indie/folk duo, Dusky Sunday’s, new single ‘Oceans’.

I’ve simply been swept away and here is why …

The intro to the track feels as though the silkiest of light blue breezes have brushed your cheek with the vibrant chords of the guitar being accompanied by the soft and gentle press of the piano. The Cajon echoes the forever clever application that Dusky Sunday applies to their tracks in regard to hand percussion. The percussive throb drives the raw emotion that is about to seep through a beautiful song.

As verse 1 begins, it is impossible to bypass the angelic vocals of Fern that wrap around you like the softest comfort. Needless to say, goosebumps begin and cease to leave until the ending note of the track. You can most definitely recognise the similar ingrained sound of indie/folk greats such as Gabrielle Aplin and Fleetwood Mac. If these artists are flying up your street then ‘Oceans’ is THE one for you. Promise.

Having revelled in the beauty of Fern’s vocals, the lyrics match the integral shimmer that this song holds.

‘You were sitting in the warm and I was drenched from head to toe’ 

Depicted purely and perfectly. When we find ourselves cemented into the horrible spot of realisation that our significant other just isn’t given what is the much needed ‘enough’, we feel out in the cold, neglected and sad. The comparisons begin and Fern and Sam have so effortlessly reflected on that heavy feeling here. This is just the icing. The entire track’s lyricism has every word pushing sentiment into the song. There are no filler verses here.

The sense of despair and realisation that the romance has perhaps run its course is echoed by the feeling that the chordal movement is rocking back and forth; like the tormenting toying of should, I see this repeatedly occurring heartbreak out? Or bite the bullet and leave now? A hugely raw sentiment felt and heard through the striking movement of the guitar and so much more.

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A high point of ‘Oceans’ for me is the unity between Fern and Sam’s vocals within the ever-oh-so catchy chorus. Sam’s sleek bass notes blend into Fern’s dazzling vocals like espresso hitting the steamed milk (coffee lovers, you know!). They entwine and compliment each other bringing an unexpected sense of reunion in a song where you intend for the sound to be incredibly linear given the message it gives. You can put your imagination to good use and visualise both leaning on the raindrop-covered window, staring beyond, pining for what once was (I’m emosh now). A vocal chemistry that is the seam that has been sewn to bring this track together.

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‘Oceans’ is personable. Many of us can reflect back to a time where this frustration, exhaustion and defeat has happened in the name of love. But with the integrally outstanding vocals, carefully thought out instrumentation and solidarity that is so clear between Fern and Sam, it isn’t a heavy and intense corker that you’ll have to grab your kleenex to get through and leaves you feeling just a tad mentally drained. It is a delicate listen with a gentle and serene approach to a heart rendering topic.

It is going to be a wonderful time for Dusky Sunday with their integral lyricism, bright and warm instrumentation and a bucket full of sincerity, love and warmth.

A dynamic duo with a beautiful path ahead.

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