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An update: life in London and all the glamour in between …

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I’m sat in the silent zone of my new University’s library (the silent zones have me frozen as though I’ve potentially been petrified, fresh out of the Chamber of Secrets) and I’m indulging in a little bit of the gorgeous Big Band playlist on my trusty ol’ companion, Spotify. Life is slowly starting to come together…

Cliche? Yes, I know. But it is true. It has been a tricky time over the course of the last year and things feel as though they {may} be aligning. For a human who is notoriously clumsy due to lengthy limbs, a constant worrier and a top-chief, S-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-e Sally; life starting to patch up is a wondrous moment. One that I shall revel in!

I thought I’d pop my head in (brows, eyes and just the top half of my nose peering round the door) and say hello, thank you for all the support of Scarlett Notes thus far and give a short snippet of what I’ve been getting up to.

London, I’m in love …

I have been a London resident (properly this time …) for 6 weeks and they have flown by quicker than a kite on the Harwich and Dovercourt seafront. It has some annoyances such as leery men hanging around to see every female they can fix their eyes on whilst we all bob along the tube (gaaaaad it gets to me, but that is another post in itself). If you have your ticket in your backpack and you have found yourself at the holy entrance of the tube turnstile … step out the line Honey because no one is going to give you the time to find ya purse and tap that ticket. The tube is dancing on the edge of socially grumpy. Coffees, snacks, lunches even a bit of dust cost more than I have ever owned under my slightly stripperesque name. And don’t get me started on the obscene atrocities that come out of my nose at the end of the working day. Half of London’s pollution stores itself there. As for eye dust? Get used to it!

But, but, but … slide this all aside like the coins in a tense gambling session and you are left with reasons to romanticise over. London looks beautiful in any weather state. If it is grey, wet and worryingly overcast… it has this Tate Modern let-me-wear-my-black-turtleneck feel about it. When the sun is breaking through the clouds, every tree glistens against old and brand, spanking new architecture. These are the times I pop ‘Friday I’m In Love’ on by my beloved, The Cure. I do the ‘I’m happy and I’ve sort of got my sh*t together’ walk to Uni. Then solemnly realise how much work I actually have to nail on the head. It was fab whilst it lasted.

I’m in love with the city and so delighted to call it home!

A Masters in Journalism is actually a little bit hard …

I’m adoring my course and the way it has induced my thinking and progression in regard to writing, this blog of course and so much more. But it is mighty hard. The creativity side leaves you on a buzz of wanting to create a masterpiece, but having too many God damn ideas. Then you have a sip of the Colombian roast coffee you agreed to (because who can say no to a v persuasive Starbucks Barista, who I suspect will break into stress tears if I say no) and the buzz becomes a frantic hype that makes you wonder if someone slipped something into your cornflakes. I’m excited to see where it leads. Ideally, all that I learn will feed into Scarlett Notes. So watch us blooooom baby!

Toorah for now Pet …

I’m not from the Yorkshire, but what a wonderful way to say bye hey? Seriously, thank you so much for your support, time and kindness in regards to Scarlett Notes and the articles that have been shared.

I’m really looking forward to what is ahead and I hope you beautiful souls stay tuned!

Take care x


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