Perky Blenders: a Sunday Funday Well Spent …


It isn’t always the easiest scenario to find ‘that’ coffee shop you feel an instant pull to. Sometimes the coffee is insanely fab but the proxemics cause any laptop endeavours to come to a sharp halt. There just isn’t any space for your elbows. And that is, of course, a dilemma… not this one!

Perky Blenders is based in the heart of Walthamstow- which is currently undergoing a beautiful rebirth- at the old Magistrates, next to the Walthamstow Town Hall. It is important to note that Perky Blenders can be found in a handful of locations. The link is hooked up at the start of this mind-blowing paragraph. The coffee and scrumptious selection of food is up there with the best. The aesthetic is to-die-for with the previous essence of the courts still present… but with a certain scando twist. For me, Perky Blenders is ‘that’ coffee shop.

The aesthetic is to-die-for with the previous essence of the courts still present… but with a certain scando twist …


Sunday was a busy day for the Coffee Roasters with a twist. With young families, old friends and all walks of life, soul-searching for somewhere to spend their lazy Sunday … Perky Blenders held their  ‘Sunday Funday’ which consisted of some glorious crafty things to do, a sensational-smelling crepe stall and I had the pleasure of busking for an hour (just over because of such a fab crowd).

It really was everything you’d desire from a sunny Sunday; lost within the bustle of E17.


I felt instantly at home at Perky Blenders. With comforting snacks such as a cheese toastie that truly looked as though it had my name on it, it couldn’t go wrong. I can’t help but feel that when a neglected building is taken under a renovating wing it holds character and transformation.

I have always felt that coffee shops are so much more than a steaming hot mug of something good. We study there, work there, reunite with friends, cry over the break-up, take a breather from the rain and so much more.

A coffee shop can mean so much more than meets the eye.

I felt instantly at home at Perky Blenders.

I know that I’ll be wading through my Masters at Perky Blenders. It is surely going to become one of my permanent places of residence.

So if you are also shacking up in the chaos of E17… pack your tote (because every edgy individual has one in London. A ‘fact’ I’ve only recognised this week aha) with your favourite read, stick on the Scarlett Notes Spotify playlist and take a stroll down to Perky Blenders to have ya favourite cup of Chai.

Before this Perky Blenders, fangirl monologue draws to an end … can we just appreciate the name! Bloody brilliant.  

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