Scarlett Notes Top 10 Must Listen Weekly


How are we this far into November? Oh my! As the nights grow colder, it’s nice to keep those tootsies toasty by the fire and listen to some of your fave tracks. To help you out here is this week’s Top 10 Must Listen Weekly!



Boss // Disclosure 


Ironic // Alanis Morissette 


Thank U, Next // Ariana Grande 


Teeth // The Japanese House 


Strawberries & Cigarettes // Troye Sivan 


I Had The Craziest Dream // Vera Lynn 


Sweet Disposition // The Temper Trap 


L’amour avec toi // Vendredi sur Mer 


Strangers // Sigrid 


FOTAL // Fake Swans 


Want to listen to fab tracks all in one place? Of course! Here is the SCARLETT NOTES TOP 10 WEEKLY PLAYLIST // SPOTIFY:


See you next week for the same but different!



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