Adam Thomas: Dedication, Determination and a New Single Release

It’s breaking into the afternoon and the white noise of the coffee machine is accompanying my wait for the Suffolk-based singer, songwriter and guitarist, Adam Thomas. As I glance over my shoulder, Adam and his family are arriving inside from the brisk, autumn chill.


They’ve travelled from Ipswich to the chaos of Liverpool Street Station for this interview. But this sums up Adam’s demeanour. In the last six months, the motivated musician has grasped every opportunity and gone the extra mile. From picking up the guitar again to go solo, to using his music devotion as a tool for fundraising, within half a year Adam has shown that if you apply yourself, it can happen.

With the warmth of our piping hot lattes nestled within our hands, I eagerly delve into discussing Adam’s new, debut single, ‘So High’. I am also curious – or nosey-about the rapid time frame in which he has soared back into the industry.

Coats are hanging over the backs of the chairs and the toasty warmth is seeping through the coffee shop. We begin. I start simple with the break prior to Adam’s almighty comeback. He explains: “I was in bands for five years, I had a break and decided to go solo. I was playing at home and I felt there was no better time.” It could be discreetly detected that there is a little more to his response. After a few suspended seconds, he shares: “Going by myself is scary. If anything goes wrong it’s me. And just me!” For a brand new solo performer, Adam hasn’t shown a hint of nervousness about being a one-man musician.


Perhaps it’s the guitarist’s ethic that has a part to play, as he explains: “I’m always trying to make sure that if I slip out of work, I work twice as hard the week after. I admire Ed Sheeran’s ethic the most. He is a normal guy and it shows if you want it, you can do it. It is inspiring for me, his come from nothing to the biggest musician in the world. Things are possible. If you want it, you can.” Adam has got a determined outlook on an industry that’s already on its heels, prepared to blow you down.

Up to the knees in music jargon and guitar anecdotes, I’m eager to know more about ‘So High’.

Adam’s new single release received praise from Reverb Nation, securing a strapping ‘7.8’ crowd rating. Even with an impressive score, when I shower the success with praise Adam gives a humbling response and simply says “Thank you so much.” Feeling that there is wider scope to the track other than its rapid success, I ask the question that every songwriter is certain will come for them, like a wasp to the reminisce of a half-demolished cornetto; “What is the message?”

There is a silence that I’m briefly unsure whether to feel in suspense or enthused about. Adam takes a deep breath in, shifts in his chair and it is clear the absence of an immediate response is because he wants to articulate the message behind ‘So High’ in the perfect way.

“Fight for it.”

And he most certainly achieves that: “The message behind it is that through the darkest times of your life you will always find a way out. It is always down to yourself to find a way out. I feel instead of hiding away from it, get out because only you can make it better. Fight for it.”


I’m intrigued to hear the wisdom Adam has for newbies on the industry block. He explains: “I don’t think about the last picture because there won’t be. I think about the next step and keep going. Focus. Put your focus on the next thing before the final thing! Be yourself. Don’t follow the crowd because of the crowds not always right. Make sure you stay true to you.”

“Don’t follow the crowd because of the crowds not always right.”

During the middle of a six-month whirlwind, Adam has used his emerging talent to help fundraise. While sorting a charity gig for Teigan Smile, Adam managed to make contact with an iconic figure: “I contacted Brian May and said about the event and if there is any way that he could share this. I got an email back from Brian May’s team and they shared the event on Brian May’s website. If you reach out, you never know.” I am highly impressed and slightly envious. What is inspiring in Adam’s case is that he is not afraid to face a challenge.

And the charity work doesn’t stop there. Just before I begin to wrap up, Adam halts proceedings to add that he’s collaborating on a charity track for Teigan Smile: “I’m doing a charity collaboration too. I’ll be recording in November as we are hoping to push it out for Christmas.” Is there anything this talented and heartening musician hasn’t achieved in half a year?

My chat with Adam has lasted well over how long a latte takes to sip; we’ve outstayed our welcome so I need to ask one more question. I want to find out what’s next.

I want to find out what’s next.

With the impact of the last six months taking Adam’s music to extremely positive places, the next six months must be set to bring more musical developments. But with all the hype, Adam remains cool-headed, saying: “I’m hoping to get more tracks out. I’m hoping to keep this one on a level where people are still listening to it. Where they are learning more about who I am.”


Within just a handful of months, Adam has left a trail of positive steps behind him, with miles more to come.

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