Review: The World Is Roma’s With Dazzling Album Teen Spirit

Roma is the youngest musician Scarlett Notes has reviewed to date. The thirteen-year-old singer/songwriter has seized East Anglia with her powerful and beautiful vocals. Not only this, but Roma’s tender and wise lyrics reach into the corners of your heart, the awe leaping out at how deeply her words detail experiences that even us adults struggle to depict. Her album, Teen Spirit, withholds ten epic tracks that move through the motions of determination, frustration, hurt and bravery. 

Photo credit: Chris Silvester

Just when you thought your jaw couldn’t drop anymore, Roma uses her special talent to fundraise for the following charities; The Ipswich Winter Night Shelter For The Homeless, EACH Children’s Hospice and 4YP (Suffolk’s mental health project). Through this heart-warming graft, Roma has raised over £11000 for these charities since 2017. On top of being a teenager (which is hectic enough as it is), songwriting like the greats and fundraising; Roma also secured her place in the last six out of ten thousand entries for the 2018 Open Mic UK Songwriters final!

But there is another prevalent factor that sits behind such a powerful album. Roma shows bravery with being open and transparent about her struggles with bullying. With the clear fighting spirit in her heart, the rising star has used her musical gift to share her experience and help others.

Scarlett Notes has picked three tracks to focus on for this review.

Why Did You Hurt Me? 

Photo credit- Chris Silvester

The electric guitar induces the foot to tap and the fingers to snap.

With a groove kickstarting this driving tune, the electric guitar induces the foot to tap and the fingers to snap. Just like that, Roma’s rich vocals with a rock edge ease you into the first verse. A particular lyric that strongly resonates is, “I will mend my life”. For such a young soul, it’s hard to ignore the sincerity that rings through the brave words. The lyrics are also a lovely gateway into the unforgettable chorus. The electric guitar showcases chords that provide a sharp and catchy rhythm. With both vocals and guitar complimenting each other wonderfully, it is even more of a treat to have the harmonies sit under the lyrics, “Then what was it for?”, providing an extra punch to the composition that isn’t going to take any ‘funny business’.

As you listen to the track, hints of The Cranberries can be detected with the electric guitar being such a prominent piece of the puzzle. The lyrics cut straight to the point. Not only is it the iconic nineties band that is audible, but with the impressive verses and partially indie vocal tone, Alanis Morisette is another musician that springs to mind! And the industry could definitely do with another superstar like Alanis, but with the fast pace that Roma is moving at; the teenager is set to be even greater!

How Did We Get Here? 

Photo credit- Chris Silvester

This opening certainly has the potential for a head-bang or two.

Firstly, there is an outstanding intro with a slither of eighties rock echoing through. This opening certainly has the potential for a head-bang or two. The guitar is reflecting a pursuing pulse through heavy and dense chords that ring out. That is until the drums make themselves well and truly heard with an impressive and gradual set of fills into the main groove.

The repetition of the song title, “How Did We Get Here?”, at the start of verses not only creates an irresistible hook but builds up the song’s momentum. The chorus feels mighty with the instrumentation moving with the vocals in a way that reflects on the sound of the some of the best anthems. Its heavier sound is unexpected, but most certainly a pleasant surprise.

One thing’s for sure with this corker, Roma’s teen spirit is well and truly noted!

Wasted Tears

The incredible amount of money, Roma raised in December! Photo credit- Chris Silvester

Grab the tissues because, with this beautiful ballad, there will be tears!

Grab the tissues because, with this beautiful ballad, there will be tears! Opening with broken chords on the acoustic guitar, the foundations for Roma’s goosebump-inducing voice is cemented. As Roma softly sings, “You shut me out, you closed the door”, the end note reveals the extensive ability the youngster has with pitch and placement. The thud of the Cajon could be pinpointed as a musical heartbeat to a raw and emotional track. Once again, the harmonies neatly pull the instrumentation and vocals together, with an angelic echo of “ahhs”.

This song is simply beautiful and will capture you with the first beat.

A blossoming and bright future to come … 

Not only has Roma got a glistening heart of gold. The budding musician fundraises whilst using her lyricism to hold up others who listen. All of this whilst nurturing a set of vocal cords that are going to sweep the industry off its feet.

If you are East Anglia based, one thing you might want to add to your 2019 ‘to-do’ list, is to venture down to one of Roma’s many exciting events. And whilst you’re there, treat yourself to Teen Spirit too. Not only will you be fundraising, but it’ll be wonderful for you. Every track has a certain meaning that grasps your attention, and a melodic hook that kidnaps your ears.

I think Scarlett Notes speaks on behalf of many when we say; we are too excited for what’s to come for this soon-to-be superstar!

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