Review: Roisin O’Hagan Can’t Possibly Be Missed With Single, ‘Miss You Like June’

The first time I met Roisin was an extremely brief encounter. It was during the switchover of our guitar lessons. The teacher we shared had just been disclosing how fond they were of her glowing talent, and with this in the back of my mind, I discreetly hung around, just to have a small preview of what they truly meant.

I thought that this gal is going to go somewhere…

I was beyond impressed. And as I turned away, guitar slung off my back, I thought that this gal is going to go somewhere…

I heard ‘Miss You Like June’ when I was traipsing my way from the train station, amidst the incredibly irritating drizzle, that can only be labelled as the English rain. Increasingly agitated from the weather, tired from travel and carrying an intense load of luggage, Miss You Like June was just the song I needed.

And it seems this golden track is also the song many others need too. Not only is Roisin a Fender Undiscovered  2018 finalist, but the country/pop sensation has also had consistent airplay on plenty of BBC Radio stations. To really place things into perspective, she also visited Counting Crows bassist and Oscar-nominated songwriter, Matt Malley, at his LA home and studios.

It is clearly all ‘go go go’ for this budding, country singer/songwriter. Scarlett Notes is here to indulge in what Roisin O’Hagan’s latest single is all about. So grab ya radio, a biscuit or two and those glasses you really should wear for reading. It’s time to natter about Miss You Like June.

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But for this soon-to-be hit, the vocals resonate it perfectly.

First stop. Those God damn, dreamy vocals. One particular feature of Roisin’s vocals I have been drawn towards for a while now is her strength, in holding and nurturing the vibrato that unravels at the end of her lyrical phrases. They simply translate across as part of Roisin’s natural style, and when it comes to that all-important vibrato, it can get tricky! But for this soon-to-be hit, the vocals resonate it perfectly.

With echoes of all the country greats…

The striking ripple of that irresistible country sound that the track withholds, spills out of Roisin’s vocals. With echoes of all the country greats, it’s clear where the upcoming artist’s vocal influence lays. And we are all here, rooting for it!

Roisin O'Hagan - Miss You Like June - Final Cover

The lyrics have me hooked from the first syllable. They are quirky, fresh and heartfelt. “You’ve got an old soul” … so simple but carefully composed. It only gets better. Reading upon on Roisin’s drive behind the lyrics, she explained it’s about being in a ‘long-term relationship’, ‘living in the now and missing the early days’. Beautiful.

Sincere songwriting, that’s for sure…

So often we can become tangled within writing about heartbreak or endless love. Which is why Miss You Like June is one of a kind. It doesn’t sit at either of the polar opposites of the L-O-V-E scale. It’s just about being with someone special and whatever comes along.

This is enforced with lyrics such as, “Then I started sinking all the way to the winter” and “You took the highway, we learnt the hard way, just what a heartache can do …” The song lyrically reflects that if you have tough patches between you, it doesn’t mean you can’t be madly in love. Sometimes, the bickering and disagreements are just part of the process. This is some seriously sincere songwriting, that’s for sure.

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The instrumentation is epic. With the crystal-clear, country guitar (both electric and acoustic), teamed together with the romantic and warming strings in the chorus, the line-up of instruments for this masterpiece just keeps on giving. Really, it does. In particular, the strings presence calls in similar sounds to the iconic nineties band, The Corrs. And that is just a small slice of the instruments tucked within the Spotify sensation.

Roisin is moving through the music industry at the speed of light. And I don’t doubt it won’t be long until we hear some sparkling new material from her direction. With such a strong network of musician mates around her, maybe a collab? We’d have to ask Roisin that one! One thing I can’t deny for this absolute star is that with her caring attitude, driving determination and staggering talent; the UK is going to be obsessed and as always, we can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!

Roisin, the stage is yours! 

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