Premiere Review: The Theme Capture All With New Release, ‘Hold Me’

In an industry where bands/artists and producers stretch themselves to the limits to try and compose a new genre or sound, South-east London-based band, The Theme is proving that staying true to your sound and talent is a way to go. With their new single, Hold Me released today, The Theme is quite clearly set for a busy musical year. And with a track that has strong songwriting quality and enticing melodic and instrumental hooks, success is clearly in sight …


‘Gig of the Year’

The Theme formed in the latter part of 2011, gigging intensely across London during the time they’ve been together, whilst selling well-known venues out such as; the 100 Club and Clapham Grand. A particular gig the indie-rock group supported, for Weller guitarist, Steve Cradock was labelled as ‘Gig of the Year’. Tremendous.

The recognition for this soaring band doesn’t stop there. Oh no! After releasing their incredible EP, Hits the Sky in February 2014, the release achieved ‘Best EP for 2014’ from Galaxy Entertainment. Following this joyous success, 2016 hailed in a new vocalist, Chris. Since then, the band has released their album, LIQUID (2017) and an exciting unplugged album (2018).

Without further ado, let’s get our teeth stuck into what his an indie-hit in the making …



Hold Me provokes emotions of longing and determination to love and grasp the one you want

With the intense radiance of the electric guitars and the crisp, strong vocals rippling throughout the song, softly laced with the gospel-like backing underneath during the choruses, Hold Me provokes emotions of longing and determination to love and grasp the one you want. However, although a sensitive and emotive focus, the cleverly-arranged instrumentation provides an alternative grit and edge that gives the track a driven edge.

Through it all, we’re still holding hands. Time may change us …

The songwriting bares all. As a listener, you can latch onto the sincerity of each verse with phrases such as, “Through it all, we’re still holding hands. Time may change us …” Haven’t we all been in the challenging times of relationships, whether it’s romance or family, where we have to stick together through obstacles that have to be faced? The lyricism’s openness allows you to immediately connect with the track, and when it comes to songwriting, that is a true success.

A particular pinnacle of Hold Me is the exciting guitar solo that will rock you out of this world! With all the ornamentation you could dream of and a shredding of the fretboard that many electric guitarists would give anything to master … it’s an unforgettable moment within a striking track.


Scarlett Notes verdict? Awesome to the core.

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