Premiere Review: Caswell’s New Release, ‘Surface’ is Destined For Success

Coming from the same part of the world that singer/songwriter sensation, Caswell, is now based, I have already been sat amongst many positive conversations about her. It isn’t surprising that everyone I’ve enquired about Caswell to has always had 101 great things to say about her music, songwriting and overall industry presence. When the opportunity came up to review her newest single, Surface,¬†I couldn’t reply back quick enough with a ginormous and hastily typed “YES”.

Her influences have been cited as the true greats of ‘Nina Simone’ and ‘Kate Bush’.

With Caswell’s sound pinned as ‘sophisticated pop’ but with a thread of ‘soulfulness’ and a gritty electronic presence (which I am obsessed with), her influences have been cited as the true greats of ‘Nina Simone’ and ‘Kate Bush’. If you feel like you’ve seen Caswell’s name before, you are probably correct! Caswell has been featured on many Spotify playlists such as; New Music Friday (Turkey) and Chilled Pop Hits, leaving a whopping ‘600k+’ streams along her musical trail. With her intricate lyricism and unconventional but strikingly contemporary sound, it comes as no surprise that the emerging artist’s music has been featured on This Morning, BBC Introducing, FUBAR Radio and more. Of course, we can’t forget the major festivals Caswell has performed for such as; Latitude Festival and finally, being featured in hot press publications such as Clash Magazine.

A busy bee, that’s for sure!

Its clear Surface has had vast time, energy and talent poured into it; it certainly shows.

Amongst the much-deserved hype, Caswell has still managed to find precious time to share her newest song, Surface. The track was co-written and produced by David E. Sugar and mixed by Cenzo Townsend (who has also worked with Florence and The Machine). Surface has had vast time, energy and talent poured into it; it certainly shows.

So let’s delve into Surface, and see what makes it so irresistible …




As the track starts, it’s as though you wake up to an electronic dream solely relying on Caswell’s mystical and dancing vocals, capable of filling the emptiest of spaces with intensity, warmth and mystery.

The electronic pedalling simmering underneath builds up musical anticipation and you face collision with sudden impact, as the sonic beat begins, leading into euphoric but chilled instrumentation. Caswell’s diction is soft and stylistic throughout, a major element towards giving Surface an indie edge.

The song’s intent can be what you need it to be.

There is much to be adored about the songwriting of Surface. An aspect to be celebrated is the individual interpretation that the lyricism induces. “Right before the storm. Right before the Riptide” is a phrase circulating around the idea of the calm before challenging weather. And this metaphor can translate into so many different situations that life tosses us. What is the “Surface”? I think in this case, the lyrics lend themselves to you, so the song’s intent can be what you need it to be. And that is one of the beautiful features of this track.

Right before the storm. Right before the Riptide

The song has been incredibly produced with every instrumental part of the song meticulously attended to. The mixing and mastering are just as firey. The work dedicated to these sections of the process greatly contribute to the songs indefinite hit potential.


Photo // Gabby Sep

If you haven’t already saved Surface¬†as a must-listen fave, do it now! It’s going to be a beyond-exciting year for Caswell, and Scarlett Notes will be fangirling all the way!

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