Premiere Review: Only The Poets Steal Our Hearts With New Single ‘Stolen Bikes’

If there is one thing we all desire in a sparkling, brand new track … it’s an infectious hook. The song needs to be musically contagious to keep us coming back for more. And more is certainly what I’ve been craving with the new release, Stolen Bikes, from the indie trio, Only The Poets.


Stolen Bikes has already been stamped as a ‘live favourite’. Not only this but the excitement around the much-awaited for release has been generated by it coming after, Even Hell, which was embellished with the crown of Radio 1’s Tune of the Week. The band have had previous support from big names such as Apple Music and BBC Introducing. This was accompanied by a SOLD-OUT tour in September 2018 with performances for iconic festivals, Reading and Leeds.
The budding trio has a headline show at Dingwalls, London on February 28th.
Whilst showcasing tracks that have clear attributes for being industry hits, Only The Poets begin their anticipated UK tour on February 26th, in Southampton and appear to be non-stop from then on. Most excitingly, the budding trio has a headline show at Dingwalls, London on February 28th. A night out on the cobbled streets of Camden, enjoying the striking tunes of a soon-to-be hit band … the perfect plan, right? Described as an ‘indie-pop’ number with ‘jangling Britpop guitars and gospel harmonies’, it’s pretty impossible to not start quaking in ya musical boots about just how brill Stolen Bikes is going to be.
Only The Poets have been too kind.
And just before we take a cycle around the track to discover why it’s such a strong contender, Only The Poets have been too kind. Why? The new release has a B-side, Looking at You,  that relishes in the contrast from Stolen Bikes with the acoustic guitars resonating the sound of new wave legends, The Cure, whilst encapsulating the raw feels of reflecting on that certain ex-partner.
The track begins with a punchy drum motif, driving the rhythm with an intention to get those heads nodding. Not long after the drums have made themselves well and truly known, the electric guitar chimes in with a gritty, syncopated melody. A song for a bright and early morning or a lost and late night in the glistening lights of the city. I guess you could say, a song for all occasions.
Only The Poets lead singer, Tom, makes the track a proper corker.
This is effectively teamed with the smooth and stylistically indie-pop vocals. In fact, the vocals are mightily impressive. When the lead hits, “I’ll pick the lock” it is hard not to be caught by the smooth vocal riff at the end of the phrase. The extensive vocal talent of Only The Poets lead singer, Tom, makes the track a proper corker.
A favourite phrase is “It’s all up to you now”
Lyrically, Stolen Bikes is unconventional, moving away from the ‘I love you but I have to go’ norm of indie numbers. A favourite phrase is “It’s all up to you now” because it resonates the f*ck it let’s see what happens attitude of the track. The lyricism and instrumentation open up your heart to allow you to let your adventures unfold, with hope and anticipation.
A real special feature of Stolen Bikes has to be the 3-part choruses. All three vocal sections lace together sweetly. Had it not been arranged and produced so wonderfully, choruses this jam-packed run the risk of sounding like music mayhem. But with ultimate success, Only The Poets own it. For the listener, it’s hard to choose which part to yell at the top of your lungs (we all have an inner superstar, don’t we?)
This rising hit is a lot of musical goodness to take in at once. More importantly, it’s worthy of several listens. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Only The Poets are zipping through as an emerging talent. 2019 is only unravelling, but the trio has a busy year ahead. And full of many musical achievements, for sure.
Only The Poets you have us hooked!
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