Premiere Review: Monelise Releases Majestic and Stunning Single, ‘Wild Roses’

Listen here: 

If you’re looking for a track to whisk you away from the chaos of day-to-day life, this epic but oh-so-chill number from singer and songwriter, Monelise, is simply the one for you.

If you’re looking for a track to whisk you away …

Monelise has a magnificent radiance to her vocals that twist themselves around her poetic lyricism. The musical backdrop for Monelise’s individual songwriting style has been described as ‘cinematic’ and blurring the ‘boundaries between electronic and acoustic instrumentation’. More than enough to give you those music-driven chills right down the arms.

More than enough to give you those music-driven chills right down the arms…

With an influential thread of one of music’s greatest figures, Kate Bush, trickling through her material, Monelise ensured Bush’s instantly recognisable sound was present within her album, Hauntology. The work for this stunning album was brought to light during Monelise’s time completing a Masters at one of London’s finest universities, Goldsmiths.

Delving deeper into this upcoming track, Monelise has explained her intrinsic and thought-provoking lyrics circle around Scottish poetry anthology, exploring ‘the visceral and gothic features of nature’, leaving you to gain more from every listen.

Not only is this song highly impressive, but the accompanying video is superbly seamless. Directed by Jake Hargreaves, the video was captured in the beautiful setting of Glen Coe, Scotland. The video captures the essence of The National and Portishead perfectly. It’s epic.

It’s epic…

As a final word, Monelise shares that, “The video, accordingly, depicts me ‘finding
myself’ somewhere between the ghosts of the past and a glimmering vision of a future yet to unfold.”

If you haven’t already, listen now. Monelise is musically majestic with a brilliant year ahead.



Padova -24th March
Vienna – 7th April
Debrecen – 10th April













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