Review: Sylvette’s Sound Is Truly Unforgettable With Their Hit-worthy Track, Memories …

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Prior to discovering Sylvette, I truly hadn’t heard of the genre, Art-rock. But now, having gladly and intrinsically listened to the Manchester-based five-piece,  I am hooked. Particularly by their out-of-this-world track, Memories. Here’s why …

With the impressive influence of absolute legends such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Neutral Milk Hotel, Sylvette cleverly compose an unconventional and imaginative sound that pushes the musical benchmark above and beyond.

Sylvette is made up of five insanely talented individuals consisting of; Charlie Sinclair on vocals, guitar and songwriting, Philippos Rousiamanis on the violin and keys, Pete on the drums, Dan Macfarlane on the guitar and Ashley Garrod on the bass.

To aim an intrigued pair of binoculars right towards their chosen band name, Sylvette (who all met in Manchester whilst at RNCM), lead singer, Charlie had seen a painting of Picasso’s idolised muse whilst in the sun-trap that is Barcelona.

After delving further, it’s noted that  Charlie had discovered that Sylvette was now an artist in her 80’s. Reaching out has led to both forming a budding friendship. With their friendship firmly solidified, Charlie recently performed with a string quartet at London’s Mall Gallery, for Sylvette’s art exhibition. It’s the best background info for a band title the blog has seen yet!

It would be a surprise if the rising band had any time on their hands at all with their industry highlights ranging from a sold-out UK tour (any artist/acts dream, right?), Q Magazine support and Live sessions on BBC Radio!

Before getting lost in the art-rock and highly-satisfying whirlwind that is Memories, an exciting fact is that New Order’s guitarist, Phil Cunningham and well-known producer, Jake Evans have helped produce Sylvette’s four brand-sparkling-new singles. Wow.


Memories is rip-roaringly epic from the first echoing ring of the guitar. It’s actually quite hard to pinpoint a sound that this track resembles as, to be honest, it really stands in a sound of its own.

A super highlight is a high-pitched, repetitive stroke radiating from the violin, building up this air of mystery and suspense. The violin’s role only seeps further into the instrumentation of the song, weaving the intrigue each complex and deep lyric leaves behind.

The lyricism has been described as pinpointing a character who has lost their sanity after realising that their ‘insular’ world is not as it seems. With this intense meaning at the core, Memories is bound to take you on a radical journey with each and every bar.

Keep Sylvette saved to your song bank because you’ll be hearing lot’s more from them and this stunning single as the year unfolds. That’s a definite.

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