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Now, this post is a little different to the usual, but having had such a brilliant time with BBC Suffolk during the latter part of January, the live session I spent with BBC Introducing for Suffolk had to be covered.

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Since embarking on the absolute drive to become a folk-adoring, indie-indulging singer, songwriter and guitarist, one of my long term goals was to have some golden airplay with BBC Introducing

At the back of my mind, a little thread of determination kept posting little reminders throughout the writing, recording, mixing and mastering process that deep down, I’d really love this EP to be sat, snug on the BBC Intro uploader playlist for at least one Wednesday of 2019.

Applying and Airplay

With the EP uploaded, ready and raring to go on all platforms, I sat down with Horlicks in hand (oooh wild) and began my BBC Intro for Suffolk application.

This process was so so much easier than I had been hesitantly presuming. I had the glistening chance to upload my two strongest tracks; I chose the title track, Headache and the big finale number, Shall I Be Honest.

It was a smooth transaction from uploading the file to giving a small write up about my tracks, who I am as a musician, the presence I have locally and why I’d love to have both songs played. I hadn’t even got to the dregs of my steaming Horlicks by the time I was wrapped up and had the email confirming all had been submitted.

Done and dusted.

Not long after, I received two emails notifying me that both tracks had been listened to. What I hugely appreciated from this email is that it was transparent in making it clear that although my EP had been noticed, it may not be played.

As a musician, this is the sort of direct and clear communication that’s needed. Perhaps also because the music realm is an industry which tends to push our hopes up, only to let them fizzle out.

A short time after this, I received another couple of emails which caused an overflow of excitement and an hour or so of feeling too overwhelmed to move from my chair.

One of the tracks had been played on the Wednesday show and the email not only informed me of the time and date but also provided a glorious link which I was able to listen back on! Even at this moment, as dusk was settling across the rooftops and I was weary from a never-ending lecture, those 3 minutes of airplay are one of the most beautiful moments of my music career so far. Marvellous.

Performing a Live Session

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Feeling more grateful than I did when the recovery man came to the rescue after my treasured little Suzuki Alto came to a fatal end, resulting in the wheel corroding itself off, I was contacted by BBC Radio Suffolk to come on and perform a Live Session for the 23rd of January.

As the show came around, I arrived with a warm and friendly welcome, where the nerves trickled away (slowly but surely). Greeted by the most awesome radio presenters you could possibly hope for, Richard and Angelle, the live session was set to be a corker.

The whole set up was utterly professional but calming and at ease. The perfect balance to feel confident in a radio set up. My Dad was even allowed to sit in, taking a few snaps and adopting the role of manager, of course.

I kicked off with Headache, slightly shaky as the adrenaline took hold. But with the first track down, both Richard and Angelle were more than cool for me to sit in on the show with them. At times, I’d forgotten we were in a live situation. It felt as though I was knee-deep in great music chat, finding out about incredible local artists and just generally absorbing the atmosphere.

As I performed my last two tracks, I was feeling almost sad to leave. It had been a seriously amazing experience and beyond organised and professional but with a strong sense of grounding.

Post live session, the show was soon uploaded onto BBC Sounds, which is an important APP to get behind if you are a budding singer, songwriter or musician. It keeps you up to date from your mobile- super accessible.

Show Support …

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Without the broadcasting of BBC Introducing across the UK, so many artists and bands wouldn’t have progressed and achieved in the way they have. The show is beyond vital and can musically change the course of someone or a group’s musical career.

If you are an upcoming act, this might just be the right avenue to try. And if you are a music enthusiast and believe in showing as much support as possible to keep local music thriving, make sure you are tuned in whenever possible or catch up on BBC Sounds.

Not only can you get to grips with the new music blossoming, but the show discusses current music news and events. It’s really a one-stop music shot.

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