Review: Myriad Show What They’re Made Of With Single, Start Again

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If you’ve been needing a punchy and outgoing indie number for your morning jog, look no further my music friend. Myriad is here to save the day with their brill track, Start Again.

Based in Southampton, Myriad is comprised of David, OJ, August and Jared. This upcoming four-piece band are swimming in the genre of pop-rock and they truly know their stuff.

The spark of Myriad began at the University of Southampton where they worked hard as a covers band, touching on legendary bands such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Maroon 5 and Foals. A great mix.

Now, the rising band are well and truly back with their driving corker of a song, Start Again.

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A highlight of the tune is the irresistible pulse of the bass line, sewn together with the husky tone of the vocals and perfectly distorted electric guitar. Finishing off this wonderful combo is the seamlessly produced drums.

The lyrics reach out to all and leave you feeling hopeful and ready to seize the day. What more could you ask for from a soon-to-be indie hit, right?

I’m eagerly watching Myriad as I know they’ve got great feats to come. And you should too!

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