Review: S J Denney Releases Brilliant Single, ‘Here I am’

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Hailing from Essex, talented singer and songwriter, S J Denney is showing a blossoming sound within the folk scene, keeping an indie thread.

With influencing inspiration from indie powerhouses such as Noel Gallagher and Damien Rice, Denney’s newest release, Here I Am steals the show.

Here I Am has been noted as drawing Denney’s American songbook and Britpop influences together, whilst working together both an electric and acoustic sound. The blend works marvellously and makes for a relaxing but emotive listen.

The lyrics are openly raw and reflect on how powerful the heart can be through lyrics that are thought-provoking and Denney’s vocals channelling the Britpop style perfectly.

It seems as though there is far more to come for S J Denney so be sure to keep your ears alert and eyes open. This is only the beginning for this growing singer and songwriter, with a bright and glistening musical path to come.

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