Radio: Loxley’s Corner, Live Session

Scarlett Notes discusses the exciting, positive and down-to-earth experience of performing a live session and enjoying an interview on Actual Radio Colchester’s show, Loxley’s Corner. 

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On first glance, Actual Radio Colchester appears to be placed within a sweet and quaint townhouse, snug in the centre of the town. Mum and I have arrived at the radio station excitedly because I am due to perform a live session with the well-known radio show, Loxely’s Corner.

Loxley’s Corner is hosted by Loxley who has a long list of success’ within the music industry as a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. It’s clear that he truly knows what he’s talking about.

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The show is a weekly feature with local musicians and bands of all genres coming onto the show to chat and perform.

This sort of radio support for the local music scene is always a core branch of the industry. In a climate where gaining exposure and performance opportunities has become so much more difficult to achieve, it’s comforting and refreshing to know that Loxley’s Corner is pathing the way for new music and unfolding careers.

Greeted by a warm and bright welcome from Loxley, we have to scale the stairs quickly as in typical singer, songwriter style, I’ve arrived with just a few minutes to spare.

The station looks highly professional and the soundcheck is quickly sorted in time for the show to start. Prior to the live session, Loxley has secured an interview with the owners of brand new Colchester music venue, Coda.

As Loxley has an easy and informative natter with them, it’s clear that if a budding musician or local music enthusiast was listening to this excerpt of the show, they’d be able to gain lots of information about the gigging process at Coda. In fact, they may even be encouraged to apply.

And this is a great example of why local radio shows are a burst of life for the music circuit.

The time has come to begin my live session and I am admittedly, super nervous. My lips are dry and they are stubbornly sticking to my gums so that I look as though I’m uncomfortably grinning. It’s not my finest look.

But with a calm atmosphere, the nerves subside and I hit the ground running with an original of my latest EP, Headache. The sound is seriously SPOT ON. Oh, how it’s glorious as a musician to hear yourself with some glistening PA.

The set breezes by quicker than I had assumed.

We sat down for the chatty part and to her absolute embarrassment, my Mum was invited to get in on the act too. There wasn’t a single drop of intimidation or discomfort in the studio. It was relaxed and enjoyable from the word, go.

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The interview was more of a discussion. I discovered new things and conversed with Loxely about all aspects of the industry.

As time drew to an end, I left feeling fulfilled and content from a truly wonderful radio experience. It was up with the best I’ve ever had!

It’s obvious that Loxley places his heart and soul into the show, and with more listeners, there can be more exposure and growth! If you are a radio lover, then make sure you tune in on Tuesdays, 7-10pm!

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