Review: Brion Starr With Single, The Heart Is A Loaded Gun …

Scarlett Notes discusses STARR, psych-rock singer and songwriter originally based in NYC, who has just released their newest track, The Heart Is A Loaded Gun. 

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STARR has been sprinkling music magic across the industry for a little while and now the singer and songwriter has made musical waves with the newest song, The Heart Is A Loaded Gun. 

Originally based in NYC, STARR tours frequently with incredible music and soaring performances. A particular highlight could be noted as when STARR performed at the iconic Ruby Room, Tokyo with a guitarist quitting just moments prior. Regardless of the obstacle, STARR stole the stage and the audience chanted back for more. What a success.

 The Heart Is A Loaded Gun is a track that has clear and well-suited influence from STARR’s icons, The Kinks. The kick of the guitar riff sounds mysterious and enticing.

The bass builds a juddering rhythm underneath that slaps on even more of a psych-rock edge. As for the vocals, there’s a ripple of punk to their sound and this showcases STARR’s vocals in a brilliant light.

The lyricism drips with angst and sincerity. If you’ve had a recent episode of heartbreak or just feel damn angry, listening to this corker of a track will certainly be the ultimate cathartic release.

STARR has the utmost musical talent and it’s exciting to ponder on where the artist will shift to next. If it’s the next thing you do, hop onto Spotify and save this hot new single now!

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