Interview: Catching up with Raz and All Things Music

Back with the nothing but the best, I caught up with Raz to discuss all things music and find out what’s next for the up and coming trio! Grab a cuppa, put those feet up and enjoy this short read… 

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Hey guys! You’ve been a huge part of the creative process for Headache, composing parts and giving your own interpretation, time and dedication! So, let’s hear more about you!!

How did Raz begin?

We met in college at Colchester institute, playing in a six-piece band that later split into two. We are one of the halves from the original line-up. We decided that we wanted to do more with the band instead of playing together only for college assessments.

How did you fall into making music that came under Jazz fusion?

We started off playing Pop, Rock, and Funk. We all had some interest in exploring Jazz and were inspired by the UK and Europe-based Jazz trio called Phronesis and Japanese underground all-female Jazz band Paradise Lunch.

Who have been your recent favourite musical collaborations? What’s your favourite thing about the collaborative process?

We have worked with a few projects, which we all learned something new from. The one that stands out to us, however, is working on Poppy Scarlett’s EP ‘Headache’ and being involved in the music video production of the title track (debut release on 21st December 2019 via YouTube!). 

We would love to continue to collaborate with many artists and ensure all local musicians support and lift each other up.

What’s been the high point of this year for Raz? When, where and why?

Definitely would say Raz’s high point was supporting a touring European Jazz Funk Fusion band ‘Tristan’, at Colchester Arts Centre, as part of an event by Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club in early October 2019! We also got to play on the Pink Shed stage at Kelvedon Community Festival in July, Clacton Sea and Beach Festival in Clacton and Dovercourt, Maldon Smoke and Fire Festival, Harwich Festival of the Arts, Number Six Bar in Camden, and many more amazing performances in 2019 that we won’t ever forget…

What’s been your favourite gig to date?

Playing to a full, open-minded, enthusiastic, appreciative Jazz audience at Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club!

How do you get through difficult times as a band- lack of payment, tough crowd… things we all face as working musicians?

We’ve had situations where we’ve played to crowds that probably weren’t looking for a Jazz fusion instrumental band. We’ve been told to “Get a singer” or been asked “When will you get a singer?” many-a-times. It serves as a constant reminder that we ourselves must be firm and clear on what our vision is as an originals band. To remember we are not here to change our core values to suit a few members of the audience that probably would have found something else to dig at. We learn from these experiences and always remind ourselves that if even one person in the crowd enjoyed us, then we’ve made a difference.

What would be three golden rules you’d give to a band starting out?

Believe in yourself. Compromise. Persist.

Last but by no means least … what’s next for Raz? How is 2020 looking?

We are in the process of recording our 2nd album in hopes of bringing it to the world in 2020. We are looking to book many more performances to continue expanding and discovering new venues and people and would love to continue to collaborate with other artists and songwriters.

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Bonus question: Favourite album of all time for each of you?

George (drummer): We Are All (2018) by Phronesis

Dan (guitarist): A Moon Shaped Pool (2016) by Radiohead

Pera (Bassist): Altocolony Theorem or ‘Arutokoloni no Teiri’ in romanised Japanese (2008) by RADWIMPS.

Thanks, guys! We can’t wait to hear what’s to come for Raz …

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