Interview: Jake Pursey on Filming Music Videos and More…

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Jake Pursey

Making videos is JUST as important as making music, right?

I caught up with Jake Pursey who is doing an incredible job at making these videos happen for musicians and any individual who is in need of a high-quality and stylistic masterpiece!

When did you start wanting to film and create videos? Were music videos your first type of project?

I started creating and producing videos about 2 years ago. I first started photography as a hobby, then got out of control and became a career and then video after that. My first type of projects were events, promotional videos & weddings.

How do you find the collaboration process when filming with a musician or band? What are the highlights? 

The collaboration process of filming with a musician or band can be one way or the other, depending on how well the band/musicians are easy to get along with. I guess for me highlights are similar interests, genre tastes and if they can be relaxed and have a good time!

Who are you inspired by for filming?

People I look up for filming is a difficult one, it’s more on YouTube than directors per se. Smaller independent companies inspire me over big film sets etc. Peter McKinnon (Youtuber) is my go-to guy.

What has been the highlight of your filming career so far?

The highlight of my filming career so far I guess would be working with Gok Wan on one of my earlier events I produced. Having my first music video I produced to be played on an Australian music channel is something to talk about too! 

What is your most treasured piece of filming equipment?

My most treasured piece of filming equipment has got to be my camera, without it I’m rather lost…

What 3 golden rules would you give to someone starting out with filming?

3 Golden rules to give to someone starting out would be to break the rules in video.

Be experimental, mix it up, different angles, different equipment etc.

DO THINGS FOR YOU – one of my biggest downfalls would be producing and posting content that I thought would please other people. I did indeed get sidetracked from this causing me to feel worthless, don’t let it happen, do things you want to do because you love what you do.

And number 3 would be to work for free to build content up and portfolio.

Last but by no means least, what’s coming up for Pursey Productions? Is 2020 a busy one?

As for Pursey Productions in 2020 – It’s looking fairly busy so far. I’m pushing for more music videos with bands, duos etc. Working with a local recording studio to release a live lounge package, new upgraded gear means more creative styles/ways to shoot.

It’s looking busy, I’m excited.

Bonus question: Name your favourite album… ever!

My favourite album ever has got to be Hand Built by Robots by Newton Faulkner.

Pursey Productions Facebook:

** Jake created, directed and filmed the music video for Headache- released on 21st December via YouTube … countdown begins!


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