Music Review: Dom Louis – Dream On My Baby

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Dom Louis, a talented Canadian singer-songwriter, clearly flourishes when the pen hits the paper…

Not only does Louis’ overall sound acquire an acoustic indie-folk feel that’s accompanied by the tender touch of the harmonica in single, ‘Dream On My Baby’, but it sets the scene with its atmospheric undertone.

Having previously written a bundle of originals whilst embarking on a road trip down the Mississippi, Louis seems an alluring and aloof industry artist, with a clear passion for making great music.

‘Dream On My Baby’ has achieved over 72,000 streams just on Spotify alone and it’s no surprise.

The spine-tingling softness of Louis’ vocals compliments the vulnerable lyricism that the track is so clearly beholden to, such as “Distant friend, you’re drifting on again” and “Just cause you ain’t by my side, dream on my baby”. 

It’s not always that a folky guitar ballad is so beautifully combined with a string part but it is this anthemic edge that tugs at the heartstrings, making it your go-to track for sentimental reflection and cathartic release.

I connected greatly with the track and sincerely recommend a listen.

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