Music Review: NoVacancies – Bad Habits

No Vacancies Bad Habits

This upcoming fourpiece started in 2019 when singer and rhythm guitarist Will and drummer George moved to Manchester to kickstart their industry careers…

Following this, the musicians were joined by lead guitarist Lewis and bassist Ben to form a fusion of fresh indie goodness, NoVacancies.

With pleasingly-heavy guitar parts, more-than-satisfying cymbal crashes and cleverly-penned lyrics, their 2019 release ‘Bad Habits’ is a seamless, angsty but heartfelt nod to love’s desire and I love it.

Trickling in with a soft announcement of the guitar’s soon-to-be thick presence in the song, you’re not exactly sure what you’re in for – one thing’s for certain – it’s a pleasant surprise.

The quiet intro is greeted by the rip-roaring guitar part and a crescendo of bass and percussion comes along with it.

The overall heaviness of the track is perfect for those looking for a song that induces a sense of release and rebellion. Lead singer Will has a smooth edge to his vocal tone and one that brings the whole track together.

Along with the personable lyricism such as, “I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep, she’s got me on my knees” and the impeccably tight instrumentation, it’s clear that NoVacancies have pulled together a formation of musicians that are set to go far…

Looking forward to seeing what’s next for these guys.

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