Music Review: Chay Snowdon – Men Cry Too!

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Taking the music industry as an indie rock ‘n’ roll four-piece, Chay Snowdon released their belter of a track – Men Cry Too! – back in September 2019.

Influenced by music greats such as the Arctic Monkeys and Elvis Presley, Men Cry Too! sets off with a pulsing guitar riff then joined by a driving kick drum and lead vocalist, Chay’s striking tone with a stylistic husky edge.

The rip-roaring chorus is impossible to forget with the track growing with every bar. And of course, not to be missed out, the bridge is a euphoric blend of heavy drums, cymbal crashes, striving vocals and shredding guitar parts.

Chay Snowdon seems super busy this year so it’s safe to say that this upcoming band (which I looove) are ones to watch!

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