Music Review: Fake Swans – Foster

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Fake Swans are an upcoming alt-rock band that I am all over right now.

Starting out in 2014, the foursome has continuously progressed from one industry success to the next. After the release of ‘Sorry’ in 2018, Fake Swans have spent the last year gigging in venues such as Notting Hill Arts Club and more. In November, the band released ‘Foster’ and this rich, distorted and impressive track is a much-needed fresh take when it comes to the rock genre…

The song radiates with well-applied distortion for the guitar parts. Shifting into an anthemic state, the guitar part is then strengthed by a grainy distortion that brings about an appreciated sense of intensity.

The instrumentation as a whole screams innovative alt-rock quality and provides the ideal opportunity for escapism.

Lead vocalist, Pete Wiltschinksy has a gravelly and powerful tone which brings the entire song together, sealing its greatness.

It’s clear that all four musicians are highly talented and truly know what they’re aiming for.

A particular highlight for me, and a clever production quality, is the back and forth stereo rocking of the outro. Just as the song takes you through some heavy, unstable (highly cathartic) stages, the outro leaves your exit feeling on the edge. IT WORKS. 

Love these guys and they’ve got great times ahead.

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