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The Sunset Keys!! Thanks for catching up with Scarlett Notes Blog to talk about your newest and upcoming releases – let’s get started…

All passions start somewhere right? So, when did the drive for forming Sunset Keys start and how?

“We’ve always had a passion for music and anything creative really whether that be drawing or making short films. But it all started with our dad. As early as we could remember when we saw him playing with synthesizers.

The drive to form The Sunset Keys, “Our parallel journeys emerged!”

One unemployed day in the gloomy autumn of 2019 us two brothers are playing around on synthesisers and guitars when we both come to the realisation that we could make music together, and thus was born The Sunset Keys!

We were both quite creatively different, as a result, produced independently for a long time. The creative differences haven’t changed, but now we are old enough to go to the pub so we can get over it.”

How did you fall into the genres you’ve used on tracks such as LSD? Was it on purpose or part of a more fluid creative process? 

“Our tracks have definitely been influenced by our favourite genres, that being 80s synthpop and anything electronic really.

Initially, it was the result of a very fluid process brought about by ‘non-musical’ factors that contributed to the feeling and sound of LSD. We were happy with that initial idea and thought to take it forward and complete it.”

We all need great production – what is your production process and what platform do you use? Any tips? 

“Production Process = Random creative inspiration mixed with creative differences…

Production is such a dark art and everyone has their own style – it’s the best and worst bit about producing music!

We used a huge bunch of different tools but software-wise we predominately used FL Studio & Reason, our main hardware weapons were Roland Juno 106, Behringer Model D and a trusty workhorse of a laptop… that I should really go and back up now (hang on brb)…

With LSD we were challenged by every stage of making the song, from the initial demo, full production, mixing and mastering.

A painful process for sure but we learn a lot and are proud that we went through that journey and discovery on our own.”

Listen here:

The best musical moment so far? 

“I think we’ve had a bunch that we either can’t remember or can’t say.

But one of the favourites was playing LSD to a friend in need of musical lubricant and watching him have his reality broken before him.”

What 3 golden tips would you give to music makers starting out? 

“Plan Plan Plan – it is very easy to start strong when making a song because all those creative juices are flowing but sometimes when it dries up, you just end up with an 8-bar demo track that you never do anything with. Use planning to help you through these moments. 

There is so much free content on the web for music production, take advantage of it!

Learn how to identify useful criticisms – as musicians we need validation, but you also want to make sure that you don’t let everyone else colour your sound. Use their comments as a tool or guidance if and when necessary.”


What’s coming up for Sunset Keys in 2020? Releases? Videos? 

“LSD – Released on the 13th March 2020 on all platforms.

Empathy – Which is our first vocal track, releasing toward the end of April to be accompanied by a music video!

And a couple more projects we’re still working on, 2020 should be a very busy year for us.”

Bonus Q: Favourite single of all time + WHY?!

“As usual, we are unable to decide (creative differences and all that), so you’re getting two! Sorry…

Shaun: New Order – True Faith

It was the first song I heard that made me want to make my own music. The beauty of the song is that every time I listen to it, it transports me back to a state of equilibrium.


The Police – De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

Because, “De do do do, de da da da, I don’t know what to say to you!”

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