Music Review: The Sad Red // Boys Like Flowers

What I have learned so far during my twenties is that my hopes for the future, and the goals I’d mapped out a year before, often change.

Echoing this is talented artist, The Sad Red {Gryphen Ford}, with the new release of ‘Boys Like Flowers’. Giving us an incredibly transparent and refreshing window into his head and heart, The Sad Red cleverly combines ‘shimmering synths’, ‘hard-hitting drums’ & raw lyrics that relate to many…
‘Boys Like Flowers’ is a soft yet powerful nod to the fickle nature of when hopes and dreams constantly develop and alter. With already a poignant narrative, the track blossoms through the organic sounds of the vocals and piano, which were both recorded on just an iPhone before being produced.
I’ve listened to this track 10 times over already, and I plan to listen a whole lot more! I feel like I’m able to lose myself in the underlying euphoria of not only the sound but also the lyrics. When a track is able to allow you to let go, even just for a minute, you know it’s worth every listen.

Listen here:

I’m really looking forward to seeing what is next for The Sad Red. A beautiful track with the ability to reach out through music and verse…


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