#TikTok: 5 Tracks Which Are Hot Right Now

If there is one way to climb Spotify’s almighty ‘Viral Hits’ playlist, it’s by getting your track onto the heavily influential music scene on TikTok.

I’ve shifted from using my ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist to the trusty ‘for you page’ when it comes to seeking new music.

If you’re looking for a few new blinders to jazz up your daily listening sessions, then this post is for you.

#1 Chloe George – ghost town (voice memo)

Tiktokers are using this indie ballad to help reflect how they’ve experienced a release, new beginning or just a general positive shift. Super deep and I’m here for it.

#2 Beach Bunny – Cloud 9

We’re all taking the spicy hook in this number, miming into our front cameras “But when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating”. It’s got edge, it’s got a punch and we’re totally embracing our inner Avril Lavigne.

#3 Cardi B – Up

Absolute TikTok gold. You might find yourself doing a naughty little shuffle to the short and snappy chorus, vibing out yaaaaaaa.

#4 347aidan – Dancing in My Room

This song is making into all sorts of tok-spheres. Whether it’s a chic 1-second frame video of someone’s super cosmopolitan and majorly alternative bedroom, strewn with crisp white walls and unheard-of band posters or a pretty god-damn impressive rollerskating choreo (yup, you’re not the only one who spends a good hour wondering if you should buy a season pass to Rollerworld), this chirpy track will have you… wait for it… dancing in your room.

#5 Frances Forever – Space girl

So all us Pheobe Bridgers worshippers would have most likely stumbled upon the cute choreo that accompanied this track on our FYP. If you’re looking for an immediate pick-me-up then I SERIOUSLY suggest dusting off the Easter egg crumbs and giving this happy lil’ dance a go!

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